Monday, 16 June 2008

So far so good....

After the events of last week, this week has kicked off to a good start and buoyed along by your lovely comments (thank you so much one and all) I felt much happier in my heart yesterday and vowed to use this to my advantage ploughing this feelgood mood into being crafty and creative... as not forgetting... Cowboys and Custard was always meant to be just that and not a monologue about my woes...
So feeling in another 'Blue Peter' mood.. I dug out an assortment of ephemera and vintage miniatures to make a 'Garden' themed frame.. one I had given much thought to over the last month or so but hadn't felt confident to tackle until now... 'Onwards and Upwards' was my motto of the day so before the mood had time to think twice.. I started cutting and pasting and painting and Voila... may I present to you...


I printed a black and white floral border onto some ink jet linen backed paper.. Currently my fave material of the month, to give it a vintage flavour and used a vintage seed packet for the central decoration.
The small vintage garden roller was once part of a toy garden made by 'Britains' a toy manufacturer of fine lead, then plastic models..

I think I am pleased with the results but then again if I start to think about it for too long I am sure to find fault as I always do... ever the Virgoan.. never 100% satisfied.

While still on a creative roll .. I decided to make a lemon drizzle cake to welcome my boys home from school as there is always the inevitable dive for the larder to raid anything sweet and toothsome.
So engrossed was I in my garden frame, that I forgot to remove the cake in time and here we have Lemon Drizzle Cake... 'Well done' or is it Flambeed, or maybe just Burnt!!

I shall call this latest creation .....
Burnt Offerings

I did manage to salvage the cake and save face by carving off the charcoal layer and dousing the cake in a thick lemon syrup.... They will never know... and you won't tell will you??!!!

P.s An update on my mother in laws' health after the awful scare of last Friday...
Being a frail woman of 86 years of age.. we feared the worst on Friday night when she was admitted to hospital in a desperate state.... 24 hours later she had come through and though a shadow of her former self.. she continues to fight on...
Her husband of 93 years of age.... is her raison d'etre.... reason for being!

As for my stressed out son.. he came home triumphant with an 86% grade in his French exam results... Oh he of little faith!

Lastly.. my big boy... beloved man of mine.. has gone down with a horrible cold.. not surprising after his gladiatorial week...
I will leave you with this.... enjoy!


ginny said...

Hi Michele,
great clip... now i am sure he is not that bad is he?
The gardening frame is just gorgeous... horray for Blue Peter moments... shame about the cake but i won't tell... i am sure it still tasted yummy.
Enjoy the rest of your creativity filled week.
Ginny x
ps. i have 2 virgos in this house!

julia said...

I love that clip, so true to life!
The gardening frame is really lovely, I love the minatures in it.
The cake made me laugh, I've lost count of the numerous occasions I forget about my creations and they look like that! My new oven is not the best for cakes, don't know why but they never rise (blame the equipment I say).
Hope your mum-in-law is back to her former self soon, can't believe her husband's 93!
Well done to your son.
Julia x

Rubyred said...

Hi Michele,This week sounds much better for you,love your new creation!Well done on saving the cake!Hope your mother in law gets better, how wonderful to still be married at that age!Didn't your son do well too!I'm going to make some sultana flapjack when I return from the gym.Oh dear the two don't go together really do they!
Rachel x

Garden Girl said...

Michele- the frame is fabulous, I love it!! Has to be my favourite yet.Haven't watched the clip,I don't have sound where I am but will check back later.
Well done to your very clever boy on his exam results-hurrah!!
Many a time I have hacked off the burnt bits from the edge/top/side of cakes. I usually find random bits fall off the sides after trying to coax it out of the tin. Then have to shave bits off the side before disguising in icing...x

Garden Girl said...

HAHAHAHAHA (have found the volume, computers not my strong point...) very amusing, and I imagine true to life as well ;) x

Rowan said...

I'm glad to hear that your mother-in-law is doing better - and well done to your son! I love the Garden frame, the little roller and the watering can are just delightful. Lemon Drizzle cake flambe - must remember that one:)

Alchamillamolly said...

You always make me remember so much of my childhood in your blog - I too had (nay have) Britains miniature garden - sometimes on a Saturday we (me and my brother Peter - 2 years younger)would go and choose something for our pocket money. He would buy soldiers - those little tiny ones. I would choose something for my garden. I still have it all in a 'Rael Brook' nylon shirt box that was Dad's. I dont think I could bear to part with it and it is one of the things I am determined to have on show - perhaps in one of our 'very useful' cabinets! Once the money pit has stopped swallowing ££'s and time! You see we look at each others blogs and think everyone has such a wonderful life and it shows we all bad days/weeks etc - its heartening.

Alchamillamolly said...

Just remembered - when I was first married in 1975 I lived in Germany as first hubby and I were both in the RAF. I could not get away eith the oven in rented flat at all. I made my first meat pie and burned it to a cinder on top. So I loosened all the burnt bits and hoovered them off!!

Acornmoon said...

Hi, this is my first visit to your blog, being intrigued by your name curiosity got the better of me! I like your garden frame especially the print at the back. I have been experimenting with printing onto fabrics but have not come across linen backed paper before.

I enjoyed my visit and will return soon.

LiLi M. said...

hahaha that clip is hilarious and so true!!! Though I have to admit that I always tell everybody that on doctors orders I have to be obeyed at all times (which never works...). Hopefully your mother in law will get better, wanting to get better is the first step.
Your son has done well! Your artwork is so cheerful, well done you too! Keep up the good spirit and have a creative and inspiring week! Cheers L.

April said...

Glad to hear everyone is on the mend as it were. Shame about the cake but I'm sure it was still yummy!

I have fond memories of a toy garden including that roller at my Auntie's house when I was little

April xx

Sal said...

I love the garden is gorgeous...but remind me not to come to yours for afternoon tea and cake! ;-)

Simone said...

I like the watering can and teeny flower pots! It's such a shame about the cake but at least you were creative enough to cut off the burnt top and douse in lemon syrup! I bet it tastes good anyway. Well done to your son - that is quite an achievement! I wish your family well and hope they quickly get over their ailments. That video clip is soooo true!

VA Boutique said...

Glad to hear about your Mother in law & your boys results ~ well done him!
I love that frame and as for that clip ~ tee hee hee!
love Alison x

Unknown said...

Greetings, Michele!

I just found your blog and enjoyed my visit immensely! I am going to add you to my blog reads so that I can visit more often.

Louise said...

Fabulous frame Michele, my favourite so far. Not sure about the cake though! It is good news that your mother-in-law has improved since your last post. I am not surprised P has come down with a bug, after all the long and tiring days. The 'man cold' clip is really hilarious, it does remind me of someone? Well done to H for his great mark in French too. x

Krafty Keely said...

Hi Michele glad things are on the up(on the whole apart from hubby).
Sow & Grow is so cute my favorite bit of it is the ladybird.

Keely x

Carol said...

he he he...that is what I do to so much of my aga cooked food lately...trying to do too many things at once - even though I set a timer - I still manage to burn things! Another lovely frame Michele, where do you manage to find all these wonderful little pieces to put is very cute and very me!
That was one of my favorite adverts, really makes me giggle!
Send my warmest wishes to your in-laws and well done Harry! and a big hug to Pete!
Chin-up girl...
Carol XXX

OhSoVintage said...

I have seen that clip before but so enjoyed watching it again, Michele. So true!!! I love your gardening frame. Congrats to your son and get well wishes to your mum in law.
Ruth x

Michael House said...

I love the clip and I adore anything miniature, I'd love a doll's house when I grow up. Vanessa x

carolyn said...

Michele I was so sorry to hear of all the stress and trauma in the Cowboys & Custard camp but how heartening to here that your Mother in Law is a little better. Wishing every one (including MR C) a speedy recovery.
And I simply love this Sow & Grow garden frame, it's just perfect even though the cake wasn't. Hush my mouth did I say that?

Ragged Roses said...

Love that video, thank you. So just how many times have you said "poor little bunny"? You know what ithink of your garden frame, it's beautiful. Well done for sharing the cake. And oh my gosh how could I have not noticed a new post from you until today!!!

Krafty Keely said...

Hi Michele thanks for your comments on my blog. I have had a look at The Prophet and I think it's lovely but not sure if they will due to the one tiny reference to God but will put it on the list becasue I think it's lovely.

Glad you liked the cards as you are in the draw so may end up with a couple.

Keely x

Anonymous said...

Hi Michele,
So sorry to hear about your mother in law,i wish her a speedy recovery.
I love sow & grow its gorgeous and i wouldn't change a thing,Steve is a virgo too and is never happy with his work but i the cancer woman love every homely thing he makes.
I can't believe you salvaged that cake,well done you and i promise i won't say a word ;)
Love Kristina XxX

JuicyFig said...

brilliant clip!

I love the garden frame! I am always fascinated by teeny tiny miniature's like the roller!

Just done a catch up, life sounds like a bit of a nightmare for you at the moment, hope everything settles down soon for you all.

My great aunt always used to give us her 'failure' cakes - and they always tasted better than her posh ones!


Country Cottage Chic said...

Your frame is lovely (as always!)

The video really made me giggle this morning!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Michele ! Just catching up with your last few posts. Wow, you've had a week or two of it haven't you ? And poor Pickles of course and your dear boy. Glad to hear that your mother in law is bearing up..heres wishing her a full recovery.
By the way I almost snorted out a mouthful of wine when I saw your cake!! Not just me then.....asti x

The Hobbit said...

Hi Michele, Just a quick hello to thank you for visiting my blog. I meant to tell you I was having my friends share your vacation, hope you don't mind? I truly enjoyed the trip and the art gallery,oh my I'm still raving about it.The site is on my faves there's something about his work that put me in a comfortable space. Keep up the good work your blog is great just be yourself.Thanks again Oh by the way weloved the rhubarb bread how about you?

Curlew Country said...

Hope your mum in law is feeling a bit brighter Michele. Worrying times.

I really enjoyed the You Tube clip and it has been passed around all other fairer sex I know! Brilliant!

Lovely new frame, I could do with some ladybirds in my garden. Blummin' aphid central here!