Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Notes from the boudoir ....

That title might suggest something a little racy but I can assure you that this post is anything but..
I am just grabbing these few precious moments of peace and tranquility at 6.30 a.m whilst propped up in bed, to clock - in and say hello to all of you.
My time has been hijacked again, not only by the usual domestic chores but also by a rather large pile of Christmas card orders that arrived with a heavy thud in my mail box last weekend.
Oh.. sorry to mention the ' C ' word in June!!
Now I am on the proverbial conveyor belt churning out smiling Santas and frigid looking snowmen whilst the temperatures outside soar and I slowly melt at my kitchen table workshop....standing a few feet from a cynical Aga that pumps out a steady temperature..i.e HOT! No.. I know that it is not very eco friendly but to compensate.. I recycle just about everything... cardboard, tins, newspapers, all junk mail (that hardly makes it through the letterbox before it is thrown ceremoniously into the recycling bin) ..rainwater for my plants, plastic bags, bottles, compost etc etc....
I get a little panicky when I can't keep up with my acquaintances in Blogland.. but I will hopefully come up for air (literally) next week and wade through the many neglected bloggers who have visited me and that I intend to respond to..
I live with one ear carefully trained so that I can hear the ping.. whenever mail comes in and it is always such a pleasure to hear from you so please bear with me..
The factory will close this weekend to restore some sanity and to give me some time to don my 'domestic goddess' hat in order to tackle the mountain of shirts that need washing and ironing...

( I can assure you I do not grin like this whilst ironing)

Rant over.. work resumes in one hour.. so Au revoir mes amies..

A bientot..

Enjoy the sun!


LiLi M. said...

You also managed to 'deliver' some artwork in between. It's great! Somehow that's the first thing that isn't done around here.
It is funny how we human beings can transform anything into work, isn't it? This blogging is supposed to be fun, but before you know it, you feel (at least a little) obliged to post in time, to visit other bloggers and to give some comments. I'm not sure how to handle that myself but I welcome any solution you come up with!
Are your postcards supposed to be a secret, which is understandable, don't get me wrong, but I'm just curious to see them.
And remember; have fun!

Ragged Roses said...

Bonjour Michele, hope all is well down in Santa's grotto, Radio 4 is predicting a cooler day for you. Love the card and I bet you can't help grinning a little when faced with a pile of ironing!!!!!!!! Good luck with the cards, hope you emerge soon to enjoy the sunshine

Amy said...

oh my! i love that shadow box! i do love to iron!

Michael House said...

What a pretty bunch of flowers, and mostly things I can collect from the garden - I mainly use calendula and cornflowers at present, but I am off to collect valerian, daisies and the rest...

Sorry not to have made more comments recently, guest house now hectic, obviously a good thing, but blogging gets left behind. Vanessa x

Garden Girl said...

Oh Michele, you poor thing! Think of the money and the delighted expressions of those lucky people who receive one of your fabulous cards in a few months (eek) time. They really are brilliant, you are a clever lady indeed!
I hate ironing, but love your frame, it's perfect.x

this is my patch said...

Ping ... it's only me. Don't forget I was away from blogland for over a month, and all my friends were still there to greet me back and more! It is nice to hear from you and great to catch up with news of the antics coming from your kitchen! x

ginny said...

Hi Michele,
what a great order...i love your badge cards.
Even if your ironing does not find you grinning, I do hope that you wear a little more than the girl in your frame when you are pressing those shirts! My poor iron has really been neglected recently... we are still labelling the t shirts and waiting for that wee baby to arrive. hope you have a well deserved relaxing weekend.
ginny x

VA Boutique said...

Eeeek, Christmas. Can you believe I have just ordered some Christmas items too, nothing like getting in their early!!!
I love that card, soooo cute.
Alison x

Pretty Practicals said...

Hiya, I think we are all finding that time is flying past in between our blog entries. The call of the garden is stronger than the call of the pc, no doubt when it is cold and wintery again, we will all spend more time blogging again.
It's rotten that the C word is being mentioned, I have the same thing going on at work. I have been trying to choose what Christmas decorations to have on the website so I can place an order before they are all sold out!
Take care, chat soon, Liz

Sal said...

Christmas! Only 6 months ish to go!
Don't overdo it though..try and have some fun,Michele!
I love your bunch of flowers!
Oh and I have a competition/Giveaway on my blog;-)

Nonnie said...

What a beautiful posy of flowers. There's nothing lovelier than a jug of sweet garden flowers. Hope you get through all the cards. At least the rain has come so hopefully being in next to the Aga won't be such a hardship today.

Curlew Country said...

Gorogoeus card Michele - I love it. And don't worry - it's never too early to mention the C word for me! I'm already trawlign ebay for bargain vintage festive postcards.
Hope you haven't quite dissolved yet and the cards are a roaring success.
Love Stephx

OhSoVintage said...

Hi Michele,
Like you I also panic when I haven't visited people's blogs for a while (or rather not left a comment). Life keeps getting in the way!

Chelle said...

You have been slightly absent of late. It has not gone unnoticed. ;) I guess I don't have much room to talk though.

I'm glad to hear business is booming, even though it means long hours.

Krafty Keely said...

I love the Ironing doll does she travel?

Krafty Keely said...

Michele thanks for being the first person to put a comment on my blog, I am not sure if this is how I should reply but in answer to the traffic cones my understanding was to ensure that passing traffic moved out so as not to catch the wing mirror. Saying that most of them had the mirrors tucked in anyway.

Keely x

Carol said...

Gosh you have scared me! The 'C' word! I do love the card and the box frame....I am sure you do grin - just a little - when it is all done!
Have a good weekend,