Tuesday, 28 June 2011

In Limbo ..

(vintage game courtesy of Milly... thank you!)

I should explain that my prolonged absence from blogging has been due to a combination of reasons.. Where do I start? I could say that I have been rushed off my feet with a hectic social whirl or burning the midnight oil at the drawing board.. but that would be a lie. I could tell you that I have finally run away to join the circus (again) or the Foreign Legion (again) but that too would be far from the truth.. I will have to confess that I have been rather preoccupied with matters closer to home.. in fact my home itself has taken up my every waking hour and occupied my dreams too for the last month...

It has been many a year that we have dreamed about upping sticks and heading for a life of self sufficiency.. well.. growing a few veg and possibly keeping bees would be a good start. I have lived in Bath for 32 years now.. arriving as a wide eyed 20 year old with a new job in a new city .. a new start. This beautiful unique city has seen some of the best days of my life.. my son was born here, many friends have been made here.. numerous memories bounce off the walls as I walk through the Georgian streets. So it is not going to be an easy or painless wrench leaving all this behind.. but one day.. when the gods of the housing market dictate.. we hope to be swapping these views ..

For something more like these ..

Trading tarmac for leafy lanes ... and endless hills of green..

Thousands of chimney pots ...

For fields full of flowers ...

Pushing dust has become my raison d'etre and keeping everything tickety boo in a constant state of 'Red Alert' is just a little bit time consuming.. I can't get away with stuffing the mass of 'stuff' that we own into cupboards to hide it away from prying eyes.. as those same eyes will open cupboards to examine the storage space on offer! Keeping a very much lived- in and worked- in home.. is impossible to keep as a show home 24/7.. but one tries... and one is very trying.. according to my long suffering family.

Following the family around with a feather duster and hoover at the ready is beginning to grate on everyone's nerves .. even the poor tortoise is in danger of having her shell polished. So please forgive me if I am a little distracted.. I hope to have news one day, in the not too distant future, of our intended destination.. but until then.. Whose hidden the the Mr Sheen?!

Monday, 20 June 2011


Hello folks.. sorry for the protracted absence and lack of news.. Hope to be out of hibernation soon..