Monday, 26 November 2012

Never work with Children and Animals .. part II

The last four weeks have been a steep learning curve for our family.. and may I say.. our long suffering Mr Pickles. Minnie the Minx has got all of her four paws firmly under the table and has transformed our every day lives as we once knew them.   If Minnie is not busy chewing an illicit toilet roll.. she is chewing an illicit vintage teddy bear snuck from my office, or chasing a weary cat around the house or barking at the hoover for having the audacity to make a louder noise than herself. Minnie is certainly not a mouse.. and it has to be said.. she is a small dog with a whole of lot of attitude and a massive character.

    A Moment's Peace

Whilst juggling card orders in the run up to Christmas and trying to craft some festive sparklies for The Vintage & Handmade Fair I have been  attempting to keep some kind of order and equilibrium with our dear little girl .. no easy task. Every box of vintage fayre destined for next Saturday's fair, has been elevated to a safe shelf or table where Minnie can't get her muddy little paws on them.. It has been a lesson in patience, cunning and persistence as we are both as stubborn as each other when it comes to staking  a claim to a vintage toy.
I hope that all will be safely packed and priced and ready to take to the fair by Saturday 1st and if Minnie isn't careful.. she will be the fairy on top of the tree at Chipping Sodbury Town Hall next weekend.

If you want to find that extra special vintage or handmade gift for this Christmas.. for your loved ones or just yourself then put on your warm hat and coat and come along to our Christmas Fair and get into the Christmas spirit next Saturday.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Never work with Animals or Children....

Take 1
Take 2

Take 3

The Vintage & Handmade Winter Jumble Sale
Rangeworthy Village Hall
Saturday 3rd November
10.30 a.m - 2.00 p.m
Free Admission
Teas and Cakes from Rangeworthy W.I

Puppy not for sale!