Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year to all..

Before we turn our backs on this year.. may we reflect on all the good times that 2012 brought to us.. and may the bad times become a distant memory.
Wishing all of my blog followers, friends, family and four legged friends.. the best of times in 2013!
With love
Michele xx

Monday, 24 December 2012

It's beginning to feel a lot like......

Well here we are again on the eve of Christmas and I can hardly believe a year has passed since the last Christmas eve.. and oh what a year it has been!
We had earmarked just the right spot for the Christmas tree to stand, down to the last bauble  .. but then the arrival of our four legged friend somewhat scuppered our plans as to have a tree with all of the trimmings...

1 playful cat + 1 delinquent puppy + Christmas tree + fairy lights  = Disaster!


So we have had to compromise with other sparkly decorations hung around the place and everything vaguely chewable, elevated to new heights!

With the fire lit.. the mince pies warming in the oven and tummies rumbling.. we are ready to welcome another Christmas day!

 From all of the 'Custards' and Mr Pickles and Minnie the Minx.. we would like to wish you all a
                                        Happy Christmas and a very good year to follow.
                                             Wishing you warmest wishes of the season.

 Have a wonderful time!