Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Minnie the Moocher

There is a song being sung at every available opportunity, in our household. Call it a kind of fanfare for the expected arrival of our fine furry friend.. Minnie the Moocher. It is impossible not to think up a host of nicknames for this beautiful little girl who will be coming to live with us in just over a week's time. Minnie the Minx, Minnie Moo.. Minnie Ha Ha.. Minnie the Moocher.. and there will be many more names in time.

Pickles the cat has his own set of names for his imminent sibling.. but probably not wise to mention them on this blog. He is mightily unimpressed by the arrival of a dog bed, crate and a new set of toys that have little cat appeal. I mean... what good is a tennis ball and a chew rope!

 Minnie is now seven weeks old and we have been very fortunate indeed to have known her from 10 days of age when she hadn't yet opened her eyes or even barely resembled a Border Terrier.

So here is our gal.. full of fun and mischief and already loved so much!