Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Snow snow quick quick snow...

I have just turned my head to glance out of the window.. and lo.. it is snowing again.. and don't we just love it.. well yes we do!!

Last Thursday night after retiring for bed with a head full of weather reports.. I slept fitfully.. as a child would on Christmas Eve anticipating the excitement of the morning ahead. Some time around 3.a.m I dreamt that I woke up to a grey city with rain soaked pavements.. and feeling some relief that it was only a dream.. I peeked through the curtains, only to be bitterly disappointed that the landscape looked pretty much the same as the night before.. i.e No snow!
At 8.00 a.m I was delighted to wake to a pristine scene outside.. Snow.. and lots of it!

For Minnie, the experience of snow was nothing short of hilarious to witness.. the snuffling, snorting and romping in the snowy wasteland of the hills around our home kept us all amused and delighted.

I am sure this talk of weather is all a bit passe now.. but we at Cowboys & Custard just love the stuff... well most of us... at least.

 Looks like the fun will be here for a few more days as the flakes continue to fall..