Sunday, 22 June 2008

Fireworks in June....

Midsummer's Day.. passed with a distinctly autumnal feel about it... grey skies, low misty clouds hugging the skyline and a damp dour air about the day . Not the heady heat of a summer's day, nor the Lapis blue skies that I had hoped for, to mark the summer Solstice.
Yesterday evening, I watched from our lofty bedroom window to see the garden sway and dance in the wind and I prayed that the delicate blooms would survive the lashing and buffeting of the relentless wind.
Today we have a return to something more pleasant which drew me out into the garden to survey the damage and to admire the new arrivals of which there are plenty..
These gorgeous rich ruby flowers of the Penstemon look so pretty against the mellow stone walls of the house..
Pastel pink Penstemon sing out amongst the tangle of acid green Milly Molly Mandy our affectionate name for this plant, otherwise known as Alchemilla Mollis..and the feathery leaves of the Cosmos.. grown from seed as part of Monty Don's Cosmos trial.
.. poor, dear Monty... I do hope he makes a speedy recovery. Friday nights are not the same without his charm and passionate approach to gardening on Gardener's World..

This is my.. "When I grow up I am going to be a bottle of Wine" vine... Ever the optimist.. Grow faster, faster...!
Speckled throats of Foxgloves.... one of my favourites that have self seeded with gay abandon around the garden....It must be hard to resist if you are a bee..

This amusing character has grown the most absurd hairdo this year... but I love it and judging my his/her expression , they are rather pleased and smug about it too!

I am so happy with this Clematis Rouge Cardinal that has been smothered in these outrageous blooms for the last two weeks.
And here we have a fine example my hybrid Tabby showing off... in true Pickles style...You can almost hear him saying "Look at me, look at me"... I think we might send him off to join the circus with these acrobatics skills.
My beloved Alliums have done me proud this year and this specimen looked stunning against the dusky leaves of my Cotinus 'Smoke Bush' .
I want to preserve this month in the garden.. capture the moment and make it last.. for after the firework festival of flowers in May and June.. the plants have peaked and start to fade and go to seed..But then again... there is always next year and the fun of planning and re-arranging.
Views to die for...over the hills and far away..

An ant's eye view of the main border..
The foxgloves do remind me of firework rockets with their endless plumes of flowers exploding in one final crescendo of colour...
Nature is pretty amazing and my love affair with my garden continues with a passion...

**** Monday.. How could I forget my mother's favourite rose.. Ferdinand Pichard.. a heavenly rose with a heavenly scent ..
Astrantias .... beautiful little pink pin cushion flowers..
And finally.. the cascade of clematis Viticella... better this year than last..
How does your garden grow this summer?


kari and kijsa said...

Beautiful!! Your garden is stunning! Thank you again for your advice on Italy- Our trip was wonderful, Florence was beyond our expectations, and we loved San Gimignano!!! While the list was long, most sites were seen, but now the list has grown again!! Can't wait to return!!

kari & kijsa

Garden Girl said...

Your garden is blinkin' well gorgeous, missis!! Are you sure you aren't a secret RHS certificate holderer? The view is beautiful as well. I miss Mr Don as well, Friday nights just aren't the same, are they? Carol and Joe do try, (secret sneaky crush on lovely Joe-but suspect is because he has an allotment) not convinced about their new head gardener. Am sure she will 'grow' on me. Hahaha.x

Anonymous said...

Aaaaah!! just what i needed before bedtime,a lovely stroll around your pretty garden,you have beautiful borders and a good collection of plants,just gorgeous.I love June in the garden and the first flush of roses,ours has taken a real battering up here in Yorkshire,hoping i can get out tomorrow to fix things up a bit.
Pickles is so funny! who taught him all these poses ? ;)
Love Kristina XxX

Chelle said...

What lovely flowers. I am so envious. You must be in heaven with so much beauty all around you made for the appreciating.

Ragged Roses said...

Your garden is looking stunningly beautiful Michele - Monty would be very proud indeed! Those views ...
I agree about the fireworks in May and June, it seems that my garden is beginning to feel just a tad tired already! Beautiful planting and wonderful posing - thank you Pickles!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely! To think people speak of the 'June gap' in the garden! I've never noticed it.

Dana and Daisy said...

Your gardening talent runs deep. Where did you learn so much about gardening? Did you practice it as a child with a family member? My gardens are not doing so well this year and I am a bit embarrassed about my front lawns. I'd like to blame the unusual rain fall we've had this year, but the truth is I have been trying out new plants of which I know very little and I have now a bit of a mess on my hands. My one area of solace is the elephant ears in my backyard garden. I posted a garden stroll yesterday on my cabin blog and invite you to bring a cup of tea and visit my garden.

Have a wonderful week Michele!
- Danax

Cape Cod Washashore said...

Everything is so stunning, Michele! I LOVE your foxgloves!!! Thank goodness summer is here! My children have their last day of school today and I will soon have my brood for the next two months of summery delights (though I'm sure there will be days I check the calendar to see when school starts again in the fall)! lol

Michael House said...

Gorgeous garden, love the hairdo on the face pot! Also thinking of Monty, hope he will soon be fully recovered. Off now to the beach at Trebarwith Strand with the dogs, must make the most of the low tide and lovely weather... Vanessa x

April said...

Wow, your garden is stunning.

Mine's dong ok, but not as grand as yours.

Will post some more pics soon - I am very proud of this year's sweet peas.

April xx

Simone said...

You garden grows wonderfully. Mine grows like an untamed jungle! There is so much in this post it is hard to know which part to comment on! I do like the head with the outrageous hairdo! I have a terracotta potato head hidden somewhere in my garden. I'll have to unmask him and plant his head up with something equally outrageous. Your garden is definitely a place to uplift and inspire.

Ragged Roses said...

I came back to see the rose, a very beautiful and special rose it is too. Thank you for giving me another glimpse

julia said...

I answer to your question, not half as well as yours, how do you do it?? It looks truly stunning ad the view over the hill is amazing.
Coma back Monty, I'm missing those big hands!
Julia x

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Michele, I've half a mind to just get in the car, drive up and meet you in your garden for elevenses!!x

Louise said...

So relieved to see your garden has survived from the strong winds you had Michele. I think we came off quite lucky down here, as I would say on Sunday we had what you would call a warm, but brisk breeze. Today we are basking in sunshine on the South Coast, the garden has gone mad, and looking a bit thirsty. You have trained Mr Pickles so well not to tread on your delicate blooms, he's such a card! Your astrantias are flowering well, mine never seem to flower, could I fear be the case of another plant in the wrong place? I agree poor Monty, I do hope he makes a full recovery and I shall miss not seeing him on Gardeners World. Another lovely tour around your garden Michele, I want all your plants. x

Carol said...

Your garden is so very beautiful...I love all of your plants Michele and especially the man with weird hair-do!
You must really enjoy walking around it and seeing all those fabulous plants growing - I would!
Just gorgeous!
Carol x

LiLi M. said...

Your garden looks great!!! This week I'm highlighting Astrantias in my blog too. But, like you, the solstice makes me a bit sad. From now on its downwards...I cannot help feeling like that. There are already plants in the garden that have lost their beauty, like pansies, peonies and of course from now on the days are getting shorter, the berries are colouring...yes Ma'am autumn is already on it's way....(another year has almost past, hahaha I stop now or I'll get depressed!)
Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

The garden's looking beautiful michele......lots of hard work ! Mine is a pale reflection of last year... do have some building work as an excuse though!

Unknown said...

My garden looks absolutely nothing like yours the only thing they have in common is perhaps the fact that the earth is brown! Michele your garden is wonderful! I am just learning about gardening - looks like I have a great deal to learn if mine is to look anything like yours. You should be in the Yellow book!
Rosie x

JuicyFig said...

I keep thinking I should be happy with my tiny yard and my container plants, but your garden is just so beautiful it has made me a wantfull again!!!


Curlew Country said...

I'm a foxglove addict too Michele and I love the fireworks analogy - so true. I'm getting used to GW with Carol now, I do love her enthusiasm (Alice gets on my wick a bit - a prefect-ish), . Personally I'd love to see Chris Beardshaw present it but I don't think a single word he'd say would go in, I'd just be enjoying the view! My friend and I both have crush on him and we realised it was a sign of the times when you fancy gardeners not pop stars anymore!

Alchemilla Mollis is one of my most favourite plants, love to see the raindrops on it and the colour is wonderful. Grows like a weed at my mum's but what a pretty one - so much so I had tons of it in my wedding boquet.

Thanks for the tour of your beautiful garden - do you open it up for visits?

Niki Fretwell said...

You certainly have green fingers Michele - your garden is looking beautiful - and it doesn't look like you had any casualties to those gusty winds - you must really feel it up on the Bath hill side - but as you say - views to die for.

I have a humungous grape vine (years and years old) which should be for wine making, but the birdies eat all the fruits before we get a chance to use them - I think you may need to protect them inside a greenhouse for best results....

Love your 'house-leek punky lady'!!
Keep up the good work in your dreamy plot,
Niki x

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Michele

Thanks for your comments - I'm just as bad as far as reading and commenting is concerned at the moment, so you're excused!

You're growing everything I used to grow in our last-but-one garden (the one I miss the most), so it was lovely to see those clematis. I wonder how mine are doing now!


Catherine said...

Beautiful pic's of your enchanting garden!! I love the face pot of hen & chic's..fabulous! :) Also great shot of your cat ~showing off! :) That is a beautiful Clematis..huge bloom's!! Your foxgloves are heavenly!! And your views to die for~are just that, each one being even more beautiful than the last!
Loved the tour of your fireworks in June!!
Have a beautiful weekend!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Well, my garden cannot hold a candle to yours! Not with our hot sun! Michelle, I am in awe over all of your beautiful plants. I can tell that your heart and soul goes into your stunning beds. Pickles seems to appreciate the beauty as well.