Monday, 30 May 2011

Cotton, Cake & Cloth ...

Hello .. I have just climbed back on the wagon to tell you about the next Vintage & Handmade Textile & Fashion Fair which is on this Saturday.. yes.. that's Saturday the 4th of June. Go and get a pen and make a big cross on your calendar now before you forget. I speak as one who has to write everything down in triplicate these days.
The fair will cater for all of you who have a fabric fetish or fascination with vintage fashion, who like to collect cotton reels or twiddle with colourful twines and threads.. It will be heaven for all haberdashery addicts and is sure to satisfy those who love sewing.. Clothkits will be there.. I for one am a big fan and still own my very first Clothkits cat that my mother made for me back in the 1960's.. We have the company of Handmade Living a new exciting magazine which combines craft, cooking and home style etc.. There will be our regular lovelies such as Sal's Snippets with her vast collection of vintage feed sack fabrics.. Lizzie The Washerwoman with wonderful French brocante and vintage fashions.. Viv from Hen's Teeth with her gorgeous embroidered purses...Sarah Hardaker with some super fabrics of her own design. Beautiful antique fabrics from Phillipa Bowes, Donna Flower whose display of haberdashery items are simply a work of art. You will have to come along and see for yourself.. so the important thing to know is the fair starts at 10 a.m until 4.00 p.m and is held at Chipping Sodbury Town Hall. We look forward to welcoming you and hope a jolly time is had by all!
P.s If textiles and fashion is not your thing.. then maybe we can tempt you with some fine tea and cake in our tea room.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Out to Pasture ....

Please forgive my absence..
Cowboys & Custard has stepped off the wagon for a while.. Promise to return soon with all my news.

Monday, 2 May 2011

All Good Things ...

Sadly all good things come to an end.. and this seemingly endless month of Sunday's had to stop somewhere. The last few weeks of sun soaked days has put a song in my heart and helped me put the gloom of winter behind me.. and days of being re-acquainted with my garden has brought me many pleasures.
This last weekend was a festive one in many ways.. starting with the Royal Wedding which I enjoyed from start to finish.. so good to see people coming together to celebrate. We should value our heritage as it is something to be proud of. Better leave it at that before this turns into a rant about the cynical world we live in!
The festivities ran on into Saturday with a grand finale in Frome, where the good and great came together to put on a fine show of vintage wares which made my heart flutter and purse wince!
The Vintage Bazaar had come to town once more and Lizzie & Clare did a fabulous job of hosting a classy event which I was pleased to be part of. My usual fuzzy photos hardly did justice to the quality and diversity of the goods on sale. These were just a few of the stalls I managed to snap before taking up position behind my wall of teddies and friends. It was so lovely to see friends from the blogging world and beyond which is always the icing on the cake at these events.

Viv of Hen's Teeth.. fine fayre

Debbie's gorgeous gardenalia

Divine dresses.. oh to be slimmer

Niki's boudoir beauties..

Isabelle's pretty brocante

Gertie's sewing boxes

Donna's textile treasury

Cowboys & Custard nursery nostalgia

What a fitting end to an unforgettable holiday!