Thursday, 19 January 2012

Show and Tell...

Here we are, almost in the middle of February and the days are trundling on and there is just the merest whiff of Spring in the air already.. Primroses have been spotted in the garden, the bird song is subtly changing to a chirpier tune and a frog has returned to our little pond to frolic alone until a mate comes along. This morning we have returned to winter with a thin veil of snow which, although only centimetres deep, can cause havoc and mayhem to our small corner of Bath. If you have ever visited the beautiful city of Bath, you will know that you cannot escape the hills and hills + snow = some pretty eventful journeys.. be it on foot or wheels.

I am hoping... nay.. praying that this white stuff will move on and allow the balmier days in, especially with the Vintage & Handmade Textile Fair in two weeks time. Our hardy band of ladies and gents have battled through the elements before to make it to Chipping Sodbury to attend the V & H fairs so I am sure a little dusting of ice will not prevent them. We will be welcoming some lovely new members to the fair such as Nicole from Pretty Nostalgic, Mona from La Jolie Robe and Alice will be flying the flag from BBC Homes & Antiques Magazine. Many of our familiar folk will be in attendance too.. Donna Flower with her mouth watering display of textiles and sewing notions, Viv from Hen's Teeth with her super duper embroidered gems, Lizzie The Washerwoman with her fabulous fabrics and Brocante, Clare - Daisy Darling with her wonderfully crafted millinery, Stephanie from Festoon with her beautifully embellished jackets..Niki from Nostalgia at the Stone House with her beautifully crafted items, oh the list goes on.. and on. Last but not least, we will be welcoming an exciting new 'Tea Room' team for this event .. a man in a pinny with some delicious home baked fayre! Not to be missed !! I do hope you will be able to join us on 25th February.. put the date in your diary!

Beyond the textile fair we also have the Vintage & Handmade Spring Fair on 26th May to look forward to. I got my box of ephemera out the other day and designed this new flyer for the fair.. I hope it sums up all things vintagey and Spring like!