Friday, 13 February 2009

With love...

Happy Valentine's Day

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Old News.... very!

This is old news ... I meant to post on Sunday last.. but you know how it is.... memory failing..days flashing by and before you know it .. Thursday arrives and another week has flown..

So please forgive my rather belated post...

I know I am in danger of sounding like a scratched record.. or a remake of Groundhog Day.. but I would like to share a few.. shots of our Saturday stroll around our neighbourhood..
I don't know when we will have scenes like these again so I need to capture them for prosperity!

It all started with
Dawn over Bath...
With a slow and careful trip (not literally.. though hard to avoid with all the ice) down the northern slopes of Bath.. into the centre.. which was blissfully quiet!
Sought to thaw out with a coffee in Cafe Rouge..
Service!... Where is everyone???
What a pleasant change to have this place to ourselves.. though a great place for people spotting.. Mr Nicholas Cage likes to take his coffee here on occasion! Not today alas!Fortified by a de-caff latte... we struggle up the hill with bags of groceries as we were confined to foot.. the car being snowed in ..on the upper slopes..
Worth all the huffing and puffing.. to catch the views like this one over to Prior Park.. a National Trust jewel and once home of Ralph Allen..Trees.. iced with snow..
After arriving home with limbs intact and shopping put away.. deciding that we were still in adventure mode.. we set off again and climbed even higher to the northern slopes of Bath behind our home.. where the snow still lay thick upon the ground.. and there was much evidence that the ice man had cometh...and was still in residence..This character was found on the gates of beloved's school.. Do you think one of his pupils was trying to tell him something?

Well.. that's it for this year.. at least there is no snow on the horizon as far as I know..and wasn't it beautiful while it lasted!?Lastly .. I would like to wish my darling man a very Happy 50th Birthday today...
From 15 years old..To 50 years old...
You haven't changed a bit... not in my eyes..
I hope we have many more years to come.... I couldn't be without you nor love you more!

Thursday, 5 February 2009

The Weather Girl..

I think I must have watched my 100th weather report and logged on to my 'nth... weather website since Monday to eagerly watch the movement of weather across the British Isles..
'Is it..isn't it?'.. has been the chant in our house this week...
I was like a child on Monday night.. a child on Christmas Eve.. waiting for that special visit.. one that comes once a year... only if you are very lucky or live in Finland!
Well.. it certainly delivered this time and how..! This was our hill this morning... more like an Olympic ski slope...but so beautiful in all it's bleak and bleary light at 8 a.m..
Son and heir.. and I... watched the determined commuters struggling, sliding, scrunching along the snowy pavements on their way to work...
Son .. hugely happy that his school had announced only the fit, able and masochistic.. should attempt to climb the steepest hill in Bath to get to school.
Son decided he was neither of these so stayed put.. throwing snowballs at any moving target.. mostly me..
By 2 p.m.. the party was over and the snow was fast turning in to second-hand news and much slush...
They say there is more on the way tonight.... more merriment tomorrow!

Now.. about the giveaway...
I have been so amused.. chuckled.. guffawed.. laughed...giggled and roared with laughter at your mishaps.. Why is it so amusing to see someone slip up.. maybe to err is human after all!
But..the one story that made me laugh into my boots..was that of Flossie & Tom's.. and the five course lunch...I could just imagine the dishes being presented at intervals.. rather like an Italian feast but not quite the same with a British roast.. So.. Thank you for your entertaining stories.. I wish I could reward you all for making me smile..
I will be sending a little something to Flossie & Tom.. in due course..

Now where did I put those tennis racquet's.. Could be all the rage on the streets tomorrow!?