Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit ...

I am sure you are well aware by now that I have a thing about rabbits... It all started a few years ago when I adopted the name 'Rabbit' by my beloved and from there on .. anything with long velvety ears and an air of rabbity-ness about it has won my affections..
Over the last year I have collected these fine and noble creatures in all guises and some have gone on to new pastures, which has been a painful wrench at times!
With the next Vintage & Handmade Textile Fair looming on the horizon I have been gathering a few items for the occasion... though not being a textile merchant nor needle-crafter I am sad to say .. these items are not strictly vintage textile orientated. They are however.. made of fabrics and are sure to win a few hearts... if not just mine!
The first long eared creatures that kick started my collection are Julie Arkell's deliciously eccentric characters with rabbity ears... (see above)

There are rabbits hopping around in Milly & Dottie's Emporium if you look in the nursery..

This beautiful vintage wooden pull toy was made by Gecevo in Germany.. love the graphics...

A Steiff classic 1950's 'Stassi' Bunny.. also hopping around in the nursery ...

Now Sold - Thank You

This little rabbit has a slightly psychotic look about her... too many carrots I fear!

This bunny was a real heart breaker and went off to a new home at The Vintage Bazaar earlier this year..

Two more little bunnykins that stole my heart...

A very special 50th Birthday present made by Edwina Bridgeman..

Yep... they're breeding like ....

A rabbit is not just for Christmas you know..

This one is here to stay!

Lastly this is my latest find.. Little Miss Boo who will be joining me at the fair..

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Biddestone Boules

Well that's that then... summer ended abruptly on Monday when the rain arrived along with the familiar Autumnal wind. I can't complain really.. the summer hols were just what they should be.. relaxing (at times) agenda free (not always) impulsive and above all a lot of fun.. the fun being provided mostly by the numerous attempts to sharpen our technique of the game Boules. Team Cowboys & Custard, met regularly over the month of August to try out the various pistes in our locality and get to grips with the game in time for the tournament. We played in all weathers.. not deterred by the driving rain or on the odd occasion, scorching sun. We were far more troubled by the hecklers and spectators that witnessed our clumsy interpretation of the sport of Petanque.. especially when some French tourists stood by and watched, managing to stifle their giggles and resisting the urge to show us how it should be done!

Four days before the tournament... we finally learned the rules which gave our game a whole new meaning! After one last pre-match practice .. we felt we were ready to face the opposition. and so we did.. on Saturday 3rd September in the oh so pretty village of Biddestone in Wiltshire.

It was a fabulous day... full of fun, laughter, friends and just a few glasses of vino!
We even managed to get to the quarter finals.. much to our total amazement. So.. we start the whole process all over again and have already booked some practice games, as the date for the Biddestone Boules Tournament for 2012 has been set and we wouldn't miss it for the world!
See highlights of the day in this wonderful pastiche of the tournament.. http://youtu.be/OHahixhYf-A