Thursday, 11 August 2011

Jumble Fever

Just nipping in to remind you that there is a rather special Jumble Sale taking part this Saturday. Not just any kind of jumble.. this is a real bargain basement for vintage finds and shouldn't be missed if you are partial to a good rummage or scrum!
Do come along if you are in the area.. and if you are not.. then please take to your wheels and put Rangeworthy George V Memorial Hall into your sat nav.. It is easy peasy to find and you will be greeted with a hall groaning with tables of every kind of vintage home-wares, fabrics, toys etc etc.. with tea and cake served by the faithful W.I. See you there hopefully..

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

On the Piste.... Again!!!

Bonjour tout les monde! You maybe forgiven for thinking that I am sitting on a tea chest whilst typing this.. Well a lot of things have happened since my last post.. some time ago (whoops!) but sorry to say that a house move is not one of them. Still sat here twiddling my thumbs and waiting for that elusive call to say.. someone would love to come and see your home! In the meantime life carries on and new pursuits have been practised... mainly that of the wonderful game of Boules.. or Petanque if you are particular about these things..

Having signed up, in a mad moment of impulse, for a Boules tournament to be held at the beginning of September .. I then had to gather a willing team of players from some eager but equally amateurish players. Bath is rather passionate about it's Boules tournaments and has held one here every summer for as many years as I can remember. Conveniently, there is a large Boules piste in one of the elegant squares in Bath. I have only ever been a spectator.. so to volunteer my non existent skills and experience of the game has been a sharp learning curve.. but an immensely enjoyable one at that!
A team was swiftly gathered under the name of Cowboys & Custard.. and every other day, weather permitting, we hone our skills (ha... hollow laughter ensues) on the local pistes as they are called.. with not a ski in sight!

To say that we are experts would be a long way from the truth.. but slowly and surely we are improving our technique.. i.e... keeping the balls on the piste rather than hurling them into oblivion!

Boules cannot be classified as a high impact sport.. but it is certainly a wonderful leisurely and sociable way to spend an hour or two.. followed by a spot of team bonding over a cup of tea and slice of cake or two... hardly a calorie burning exercise..

We still have three weeks to perfect our game and then we meet the big boys at the Biddestone Boules Tournament! A little nerve wracking as we will be playing some of the elite of the local Boules fraternity .. but it will be fun while it lasts. All that is left to do now .. is learn the rules!