Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Notes from a Country Convert....

After moving out to the wilds of Wiltshire, nearly three months ago now.. I have fallen head over heels in love with our new life amongst the leafy lanes and pastures that surround our home. It didn't take long to become bewitched by the rural treasures on our doorstep and after investing in some rather stout footwear and much needed wellies.. we soon settled in to a daily routine of walks.

On leaving the house we have to decide on a left or right turn..

The left, taking us up a hill into woodland just a few minutes from our door.. and further on to lofty fields that gaze down on village life...

 The right turn takes us down to the Bybrook and fields where we have gathered new friends along the way.. Margot the solitary Swan and Henry the Heron who we often see fishing for frogs in the marshy fringes of the fields.

The greatest thrill for me is discovering the Kingfishers that flash like neon darts along the mill stream.. Such a treat to see these dazzling little birds.. and miraculously I managed to spy one sitting on a water duct pipe.. and with hands shaking I took this blurry photo. It looks all the better if you squint at it...

It had been our dream for at least ten years to move to a quieter world.. a less frenetic pace and a place to watch the seasons change before our eyes..and we have surely found it in this beautiful corner of Wiltshire.

Instead of the traffic drone from city streets at night, we now have an owl that sits in the tree opposite and actually says.. To wit, to whoo... Something I always thought of as some kind of pastoral myth. The hedgerows are ripe with Elderberries and Blackberries and foraging has started in earnest.. with our freezer slowly filling with berries ready for a spot of jam making.

The garden has had a bit of a makeover with cottage garden plants replacing the shrubs we inherited which hid this beautiful stone wall..

The climbing rose has already romped up the old dead apple tree, closely followed by a Clematis Montana..

 I can't wait to see the plants burst into life in the Spring and fill up the gaps.. with a whole host of Narcissi, Tulips and Alliums which have recently been planted.

Life is good.. life is rich and there is so much more to look forward to.. Christmas for a start! Sorry to mention the C word so early.. but one has to think about where the Christmas tree is going to stand this year. Isn't that one of the first things people think of when buying a new home?

There is something even more exciting on the horizon.. something with four legs and a little wet nose.. Next month we will be welcoming a new member to our family and I will be busy refereeing a very disgruntled cat with the arrival of a Border Terrier puppy called Minnie... She is only three weeks old so has a lot of growing to do before we can bring her home where we hope to have primed Pickles the cat in how to get along with a new sibling!

 Life will never be the same again .. but it will be better and we hope to be fitter with even more reason to go walkies!

  The summer was eventful to say the least.. with a house move.. a visit to the wonderful Homespun Fair down in Portscatho, where old friends and new friends mingled amongst a host of vintage treasures. Hello Mandy if you are reading this.. It was lovely to meet you at the fair.

Then we had The Vintage & Handmade Jumble sale in Rangeworthy.. a popular event with bargains galore to be found. On September 2nd The annual Biddestone Boules tournament was a date firmly etched on the calendar and in true Gallic style, team Cowboys & Custard embraced the bonhomie of the games and had a wonderful day.. lobbing boules.

 I am beginning to feel a shift in the gears even though the season is slowing down for hibernation time.. This move to village life has given my creative flow a good kick where it was badly needed.. and I have recently revived my bookbinding skills to make a collection of books.. ready for The Vintage & Handmade Textile fair  next week.

It should be a wonderful day .. one I am very much looking forward to with new and old friends gathering to showcase their fabulous talents and vintage wares amongst 40 stalls.
Do come along if you can.. Chipping Sodbury Town Hall.. Saturday 29th September 10.00 a.m - 4.00 p.m.. Hope to see you there!

P.s Thank you for all of your warm and friendly comments on my previous post.. They were greatly appreciated!