Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Veni Vidi Vici...

They came .. they saw.. they did a little shopping!
Sunday came and went in a blur.. but oh what a happy blur it was.
Tiptoeing out of the house into an arctic blast of air at 7.00 a.m on Sunday morning we realised on reaching the car how wise it had been to move it to a loftier location.. i.e on a main road.. as our own road was a stretch of sheet ice and a good practice rink for all those budding Torvill and Dean wannabees. Then we discovered that the boot of the car was frozen solid as were the side doors.. once again.. we praised our foresight for packing the car the previous afternoon. I must confess that there was a little white lie in my previous post.. We had not been forecast snow over the weekend but snow it did.. and by Saturday p.m.. there was just enough to send me into a blind panic and re-awakened a recurring nightmare about getting to the fair and finding no-one else had turned up. However ..this was far from the case.. I am relieved to say.
As the daylight broke the valiant and heroic folk started to arrive with their chariots stacked high with all manner of chattels for the fair. Soon the hall was buzzing with activity and everyone began to construct their shiny sparkly stalls.. so that by 10.00 a.m.. Chipping Sodbury town hall had been transformed into a palace of vintage finery at it's best and everyone had just about thawed out.

The scrum begins

Our ladies and gentlemen.. certainly know how to put on a good show and never fail to impress with the quality and beauty of their displays. Christmas baubles twinkled.. Christmas Fairies smiled down from their shelves, gorgeous linens were folded neatly, jewellery sparkled, our marvellous kitchen staff raced to get the teas ready, teddy bears sat poised as a sea of red noses pressed against the doors waiting for the word Go!
As I opened the doors to welcome the frozen folk inside.. I spotted many familiar and friendly faces which are always a delight to welcome back.

Identity Parade

Well... as I say.. the day passed in a blur... and it was highlighted with the meeting and greeting of the many friends old and new that filled the hall from start to finish.. and by 4.00 p.m we were just saying goodbye to our last visitors before the ritual of packing and clearing up started.
I had a fabulous day.. and felt immensely proud of our wonderful ladies and gents for putting on probably our best show yet. A choir sang and I welled up... always do when I hear children sing.

There will be many accounts of the day as seen through the eyes of fellow bloggers.. so do visit the website to see the lovely photos that were taken .. not by me .. as per usual I grappled with my camera and managed to take my usual squiffy shots as you can see!
I haven't even unpacked my boxes or moved them from where they were left in an exhausted heap on Sunday evening.. but already the seeds for our next fair in April have been sown!
P.s Thank you Jayne for being a a great partner and being my memory when mine fails!

*** If the nice lady who I talked to at the fair about wooden blocks is reading this blog.. please could she contact me via email. See sidebar for email address.

Friday, 26 November 2010

All is calm.. all is bright ...

This has been my mantra for the last few days since the nice weather man announced that the northerly winds were coming down from Scandinavia. You know the saying..'When the north wind doth blow.. we shall have snow'. Normally I would be jumping up and down with glee.. as I do so love a white-washed world.. but with the Vintage & Handmade Fair this weekend.. that's Sunday 28th.. the arctic blast could spell disaster. Fortunately.. that very same nice weather man has said there will be no snow in our area or that of Chipping Sodbury where we hope to welcome friends old and new to the Christmas fair. I have it on good authority too.. from the sugar plum fairy.. that she has cast a wee spell over the weekend and all will be crisp, bright and calm... Phew!
So don your Damart and please come along to join in the festive feast of the vintage fair this weekend!

Thursday, 18 November 2010

It's Beginning..

Dare I say it ? Well I am going to anyway.. I'ts beginning to feel a lot like Christmas all of a sudden.. almost overnight the spectacular glow of this year's Autumn gave way to the nip and bite of winter when the first frosts arrived last week.. Call me weird but I love it.. I love the whole hibernation thing.. it suits my hermit like tendencies to batten down the hatches and make the nest cosy...

Last winter

It does seem a little bizarre though that only a three weeks ago.. I was walking on a beach in Cornwall ..

...bathed in warm mellow sunshine.. watching a few lunatics frolicking in the sea.. and it wasn't just the dogs going for a paddle! What's the saying..'Mad dogs and Englishmen go swimming in October sun'?

A few days of being windswept and in true John Fowles style.. standing on a harbour wall trying to remain vertical and eating an unhealthy amount of Cornish Pasties and chocolate caramels (courtesy of a old fashioned sweetie shop in Helston).. I desperately needed the exercise of climbing cliffs and running up hills.. but I didn't get any.. instead we stayed indoors .. being a lovely little cottage tucked in a hollow sheltered from the vicious winds.. and ate and read.. and ate and read.. and just learned how to switch off again after a relentless summer of work...

Wish I looked half as glamorous in the wind and rain

It was just what the doctor ordered and we came home laden, with a collection of the most delicious breads baked by our genial hosts in their Artisan bakery, to an eccentric evening of cloaked figures ranging in height from 3 ft to 6 ft, knocking on our door and getting the fright of their life when Mr Custard opened the door looking like a cross between Lurch and Darth Maul.. not pretty! Yes.. it was Halloween.. and the local covens and churchyard ghouls turned out in their droves to descend on our home. We were well prepared with a glut of chocolate.. that rapidly disappeared and by 7.00 p.m.. calm and normality were restored once more.

That all seems like a long time ago now.. and I have been very busy preparing for various events taking place in the run up to Christmas.
Milly & Dottie were delighted to be featured in Homes & Antiques Magazine for a second year running with a Christmas feature..

Our vintage Christmas decorations and ripping yarns were featured .. all of which can be found on the shelves of the Emporium ..

Then in hot pursuit we managed a mention in Collect It Magazine which sadly has ceased publishing this month.. heavens knows why.. as it is the most informative and interesting magazine for the avid collector.. of anything and everything!
The next week is going to be a little bonkers one way and another.. with a photo shoot lined up with this local magazine and the bumper Vintage & Handmade Fair to prepare for. Our Christmas fair hopes to be our biggest and best yet with 40 different stalls offering all kind of vintage and handmade finery from Thomas Etty Heritage seeds to Charlotte Macey's wonderful textiles, Homes & Antiques Magazine will be with us again and last but definitely not least.. this very talented lass who designs these FAB retro vintage Christmas cards and more.. Pennychoo..

I have already bought some of her charming cards and hope to stock up on more at the fair. Of course all of our wonderful regular folk will be at the fair too.. so do come and say hello!
So.. folks.. I must get on.. but hope to catch up with you again soon.

A Bientot x