Sunday, 15 June 2008

The Eye of the Storm...

Sunday has arrived to huge sighs of relief in this household..
It has been one hell of a week and I am so glad to put it behind me..we all are.. even the cat!
I knew it was going to be a challenging time with my workload and a week crammed full of end of term exams for my son..I didn't however realise that the crescendo would arrive on Friday night just when I had hoped it was safe to breathe out..
Monday.. my son arrived home from school in floods of tears having " messed-up"his exams that day.. Maths proving to be impossible and normally one of his strongest subjects.. I fear that panic took over and my poor boy had a temporary meltdown in the exam room despite me sending him off to school in the morning liberally doused in Lavender oil to calm his nerves and with a lucky heart charm in his blazer pocket. It is hard to reassure our children when they face these hurdles in life.. but I tried to bolster him up for the next onslaught of exams on Tuesday and this pattern continued until Friday when a worn and weary lad returned from school feeling as though he had been put through the mangle.

Kitchen Industries

My pile of Christmas card orders hit the production line and lurched along with a few punctuations for tea breaks and a brief nose outside the back door to take some air.. All finished and packed on Friday afternoon up and ready to leave the premises on Monday.. courier permitting!
Oh what a wonderful feeling that was to put the last cards in the box... but always shortly followed by an uneasy feeling that maybe 'that's it' there will be no more orders..
as I need to keep the cogs oiled and turning to keep the wolf from the door..

Cassius Clay aka Pickles

Pickles had another of his close encounters of the 'punch up' kind this week and has been sporting a rather unpleasant cut to his handsome face.. Thanks to Nurse Custard.. I have mopped and swabbed the offending area and thankfully he has escaped another costly and traumatic trip to the vets.. where we have become a regular fixture recently and were even given loyalty points on our last visit. Maybe we will get a season ticket and front row seats if Pickles continues to take on the local moggy population. Really to look at him you would never think that he is capable of being an aggressor.. he is such a 'pussy-cat' at home.. unless you happen to be another tom cat on his territory!


Friday evening had been our carrot all week.. a time to unwind and relax, put the ills of the week behind us and eat copious amounts of chocolate washed down with some nice plonk.. Well.. t'was not to be..
Mr Custard has had a very stressful time commuting between work (running a busy primary school) and a very frail and worryingly ill mother. Friday evening he was due to host the school's P.T.A popular quizz night having spent the day attending to his mother who had taken a turn for the worse. After being reassured by a doctor that antibiotics would cure all ills... he returned home wrung out and in desperate need of an early night..
Well to cut a long short..... he spent the rest of the night in A & E with his mother until she was finally admitted at 3.a.m whereupon he came home and fell into a long deep but troubled sleep..

We are all taking stock today and re-charging flat batteries to face another week..

It is not my style normally to write about the nitty gritty of life on my blog... but today I blew caution to the wind.. though I know it is probably very self indulgent..

I promise to be back with something more Cowboy and Custardy next time....XX

P.s How could I forget... Happy Father's Day to all you Papas out there.. have a wonderful day.


VA Boutique said...

Oh what a week! Your poor boy, exams are so horrid aren't they, I hope he does really well.
Hope that your husbands mum is well very soon. What a strain on your husband, it must have been so upsetting and worrying for him.
Hope next week brings much happiness and joy to the C&C household.
Love Alison

Michael House said...

I think it's good to share the traumas as well as the smoother parts of life. It's not indulgent, but balanced and about real life, which is always interesting to read, and with which we can all identify with at least some aspects! Do hope next week is smoother however, and I'm glad Pickles does not live near our Ted, as he is a fighter as well, albeit a bit quieter as he gets older. Vanessa x

Ragged Roses said...

Oh Nurse Custard I hope you're getting some chocolate today! In fact you, Mr Custard and Master Custard deserve to be swimming in the stuff after the week you've had! In fact it should be being served to you on a silver platter by Pickles at this very moment. Hope all is well with you today and that this week brings happy times for you all

Rubyred said...

Oh Dear,not a pleasant week in the Custard household,life's a bugger sometimes!I had a bit of a bum week too!Lets hope this week is kinder to you all!
Rachel x

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Dearest Mrs. Custard ~ Keep your pretty chin up my dear. You are blessed to have such huge orders and way to go! Poor little son, I do hope he gets over that arduous hurdle! I so understand what he and YOU are going through. completely.

Happy Father's day to Mr. Custard and I do pray his mum will feel better soon.


Tracy x said...

i am exhausted just reading about your week!
keep smiling sweet custards - it will all come out good in the end x
sending much love
t x

Simone said...

I wish the Custard family a much happier week ahead. When troubles come they seem to come all at once don't they? Try to put last week behind you and look forward to a bright and positive week ahead!

April said...

Oh dear, sounds like you have been put through the wringer this week, you poor love!

Take it easy, deep breath, bug hugs all round and it'll all be fine

I find it really helps to be able to write everything down and get it out of your system - so blog away, we're all listening with virtual cups of tea and I've got the cake!


April xx

Dana and Daisy said...

I love the simplicity of your Christmas cards. I should get a head start on making mine!

Mr. Pickles! I am shocked he is such a rebel-rouser! He looks like the eternally laid-back kitty. He has a secret life I guess!

I imagine your son will do better than he thinks when his grades are posted. I had a spell when I was young that I would get so nervous about school I would literally make myself sick so as not to go. I empathize with him.

Unknown said...

It's probably a bit late now - but have you tried Bach's Rescue Remedy for fraught exam nerves - we've always found it to be excellent - you can get it in Holland & Barratts or Boots if you're not familiar with it - and you can use it for any situation when you feel good and frazzled not just for pre-exam stress

Unknown said...

Oh you poor ducks! Sorry you had such an awful week. I remember exam time too well, just got one more to go through it in a couple of years. Hope Granny Custard is feeling better, and of course there will be more orders, your cards are fab! Hope you are all feeling much better.

Rosie x

Carol said...

oooohhh Michele, Just trying to catch-up with blogs this morning!
Well it was a bad week...and now it is over and this week I hope is a little better. You know that I get overwhelmed sometimes...trying to keep it all together and the wheels turning smoothly - not always possible! I have had one hell of a start to the week...gggrrr...we are here to listen/read and offer support.
Will call later.

prettyshabby said...

Exams..arent they eldest is going through them at the I really feel for your son (Arnica is good for nerves if you're interested)
Lets hope next week brings you lots of nice things to balance out the stresses of this one!