Tuesday, 19 October 2010

T'is the Season ..

To be cosy.. tra la la la la.. la la la la .. not to mention scared out of your wits and totally paranoid.

Here I was, sitting like not so little Miss Muffet.. upon her Laura Ashley velvet sofa, eating her Jordan's Country Cereal , this morning when there sat down beside her .. a slightly smaller version of Godzilla!

Yes it's spider season again.. and despite my liberal scattering of conkers around the home.. they have brazenly ignored the theory that they don't like Horse Chestnuts and marched into my home.. which it seems is not a castle! Maybe a moat and a few vats of boiling oil would have done the trick instead of a few wizened conkers ...

Ho hum.. at least Pickles has enjoyed some lively games of 'footie' around the place and nearly broken a few ankles with his carefully placed balls...

....... maybe I should rephrase that!

Despite our hirsute friends (not) I really do love.. this season. The way the light flirts in the early mornings and evenings.. that misty, watery 'Turner' like quality to the landscape.

It is also a time to cosy down and start the rituals of laying a fire.. yes.. rather like Downton ... I get to be a parlour maid and lady of the house all in one day! How's that for promotion!
There is something very satisfying and primeval, about putting some sticks together and creating fire.. warmth.. comfort.

It is also the season to add a few inches to the hips.. with all the temptations of comfort food so very hard to resist.. Sausages and Mash, Cauliflower Cheese, Apple Crumble and Custard..

Not exactly Weight Watcher's recommendations.. nonetheless.. very satisfying and of course essential eating as the temperatures drop. We need our fat layer to insulate us...don't we?

The garden is still hanging on to some flowers and the Nasturtiums have triumphed yet again.. to put on this grand finale of vibrant colour...

T'is also the season for the clocks to go forward (oops... I mean back.. thanks Green Twins Mummy for pointing out this faux pas) proper drama's on the box, Rugby League, bonfires and visitations from a horde of miniature ghouls and coven's at Halloween, kicking leaves, harvesting hazel nuts before the squirrels get to them, mugs of hot chocolate in front of the fire, hot water bottles, Clementines... the list goes on..
I love Autumn.. it's official!
What do you love about this mellow time of year?

Friday, 8 October 2010

Top Notch Totnes !!

If you are twiddling your thumbs this weekend and wondering what to do with all your spare time (!!!!) then head on down to the beautiful south west and park yourself in the charismatic town of Totnes.. One of my favourite haunts in Devon. Totnes has oodles to offer the visitor.. with excellent foodie shops, gift shops, open air market on Saturday's and inside market on Friday's.. and not forgetting the multitude of vintage shops. One of these being Lesley's fine emporium This n' That at 66 High Street Totnes. I doubt Lesley will be found in her shop this Saturday as she will be busy hosting the first Nostalgic Mix Vintage Fair at Totnes Civic Hall. Admission is free and doors open at 10.00am to the crowds that are sure to form an orderly queue!
A lot of familiar faces will be seen there as many of our blogging community will be setting up their fine vintage wares .. so go and say hello.. and do a bit of shopping!
Good luck ladies.. Hope you have a fabulous day.. I wish wish wish upon wish.. that I was joining you all!