Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Love in a cold climate ..

Please forgive me if I have been a bit quiet of late... Thinking I could ease myself gently in to the new year..I realised.. in my usual..' last minute' style, that there was much to be done in the world of greeting cards designs.. Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Easter.. follow each other in quick succession and there is no time afforded for chewing my pencil and wondering what to do...
It is certainly the weather for snuggling up to a loved one.. and will soon be the season for blue-birds, doves, hearts and roses..
Cowboys & Custard productions has been beavering away at the old kitchen table.. and would like to present to you the latest Valentine cards...
Ta da!

On the wings of a Dove.. original love poem from a Victorian album.. printed dove on linen badge...Kiss me quick.. with a kitschy comic book kiss ..embellished with rhinestone heart..Don't beat about the bush... say it how it is...with I Love You, Crazy About You, Whole Lotta Love
Heart printed on linen badge....And finally... this one's for the boys..All of these cards can be found at my web shop at Not on the High Street....
Milly and I have also been rather preoccupied in the stockroom and new department at Milly & Dottie's Emporium..
The Dovecote is our latest collection of floral finds, love tokens and all things close to our hearts.. a little romance..Please drop in for a visit when you are never know what you may find!

Friday, 8 January 2010

On the Piste..

My mother taught me never to laugh at other's misfortune..
I am sorry... I just can't help myself... this is hilarious
If you are fed up with all this white stuff underfoot.. just watch this film clip and thank your lucky stars you are not on the true Kevin style.