Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Every picture tells a story ...

I recently discovered an old negative, not seen for many years.. buried in a drawer of papers. Thanks to my dear friend Emma, it finally came to life as a photo as she cleverly scanned it with some techy wizadry.. et voila.. a flood of memories were re-awakened.
The year was 1961.. and I was three years old..sitting on my mother's lap in our super deluxe Vauxhall Cresta. I can still remember the smell of the leather seats of the car, the cardboard sandwiches which were a traditional lunch on journeys from Berkshire to Cornwall. We always stopped on Dartmoor to stretch our legs and re-charge our batteries with our picnic lunch.. and feed the wild Dartmoor ponies my uneaten crusts...tut tut! It used to take 8 hours door to door.. truly an epic voyage.
If I had to save one belonging from a burning house.. it would be this photo.

I am still struggling to come up to full steam.. but hope to be back in the blogging community with a spring in my step soon..

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Happy Mothers' Day

To every mum up and down the land.. and across the seas..


... and to my own darling mother.. wherever you may be.. Love you xx

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Something to write home about...

A beautiful Spring day.. if not a little cold.. and I took time out... only about half an hour or so..but just enough.
Walking down the hill into town .. no traffic? Most unusual for the streets of Bath especially at lunch time..

Helicopter hovering overhead.... what's going on?

It wasn't long before I hit the crowds and the sea of Union Jack Flags..and just in the nick of time I found my spot along the main street to jostle into position with my camera..
Armed with tissues and smiles..to welcome..
Our local hero..

Amy Williams.. Winter Olympics Skeleton Gold Medallist 2010 ..

Lots of cheering.. lots of smiles.. and a big lump in my throat..call it National Pride..

This is probably the closest I will ever get to a gold medal..

Today has certainly been something to write home about !

P.s It wasn't only Amy that has got such a warm welcome. I was so pleased by all your friendly 'welcome back' comments on my last post. It had been a long time in blogland between posts and one could almost hear the tumbleweeds and the vultures cry. Thank you for being so faithful and returning to this wayward blogger!