Thursday, 1 November 2007

How to spend time.. or not!

I am one of those people that like a certain amount of discipline to the day ( oh la la) and have to have an agenda.. it starts off with...

1. Wake up and through sleepy fog try and remember what day it is.. well it's a start!
2. Kick start the morning with the usual flurry and turbo charged hour between 7 a.m and 8 .a.m
getting child in upright position and appropriately dressed and fed and watered and packed off to school.
3. Wrestle with choice of breakfasts.. porridge or greek yoghurt and nuts or left over stale chocolate found at back of larder.
4. Make mental tick list of 'must do's' and 'don't want to do's but 'ought to do's..

Don't go ... it might get more interesting..though doubtful

5. Decide on making cards or frames or whoopee! (No chance on latter..)
6. Get sidetracked by the day's post arrival and another small forest of catalogues ..
7. Get all craft material bits and pieces out to stick, cut, then lose under the kitchen table..
8. Agonise over which project to do.. cards or frames
9. Spend unhealthy amount of time choosing a theme and then the multitude of items for that theme..

Gosh I am bored now.. s'pect I lost you way back..

Some days it feels like I am spinning plates but today.. ... don't you find you have days that are just non-starters.. ?
Tomorrow.. well we'll see... might step outside to sniff the air or bury myself under more glue and paper.
I did manage to put the finishing touches to two more frames so not a complete waste of a day..

Oh and rip van Pickles managed to surpass his usual sleeping marathon and has just appeared for breakfast at 5.00 p.m!


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

LOL..your kitty picture is funny. I am a bit like you. I am a night person and I just seem to spin my wheels in the morning. After lunch is when I take off and then it irks me to have to stop and make dinner. Your frames are absolutely adorable.

Katherines Dream said...

Forests of they drive you mad too. My paper recyling bin weighs a ton every week. I will have to have weels put on it soon.
I love your frames. I may have to purchase one for the grandsons birthdays next June.
I have tryed to keeep the pc turned off so that I can catch up.
If it is on I am too easily tempted to go looking !
Off early tomorrow to finish the painting job.
Apparently I have a ghost in the downstairs bedroom !Sp I'll have to check that out ! I'll email you with my findings.....
x x


I have got an alien keyring whose eyes light up just like your cat's do! x

Patti said...

Oh - I do so know that type of list. Catalogues are black holes of time for me - dreaming of what I might be given for christmas. Never happens unfortunately.

Love the frames. The cowboys are adorable (I've just sent a little cowboy to school for dress up day)

vintage twist said...

Love those cowboys - brilliant!

bj said...

Oh, yes....some days start off sooo good.... and others need a stick of dynamite to get things going....
Hope your day is sunny....

Cottage by the River said...

Oh my gosh, I love those cowboys. I am doing my son's room in vintage cowboy, gotta check your shop out. There is nothing better then a cat snoozing, so cozy. Enjoyed your site.

Lesley said...

Hi Michele
I thought that as you left me such a lovely comment I had better come on over and have a good nose around your blog! I love your projects - those frames are gorgeous. I've had a wander through your shop too - great stuff :o) I also want your bathroom!!!
See you soon, Lesley xx

Country Cottage Chic said...

I'm glad I'm not the only procrastinator in Blogland - I do do lots of stuff in my head though!