Saturday, 17 November 2007

Woofs and waggy tails!

Thank you for your praise and congratulations .. it is so nice to be welcomed to blogging in this way and it really spurs me on to 'blog' on. I was so worried that I would have run out of things to say by now but there are plenty more posts queuing up in my head waiting to be published one day..My head is in danger of swelling if I receive any more lovely comments.. but it is my derriere that is getting bigger by the day with all this blogging and NOT jogging!

Have a fab weekend and don't overdo the glue!


P.s I am off down the hill to watch the filming of 'The Duchess' a new historical film to be released next year and starring Keira Knightley amongst others. We are so fortunate here in Bath as it is often used for Jane Austen adaptations and similar film productions. The Georgian architecture makes a perfect backdrop for filming.
I will try and get some sneaky photos for future post.



Michele, your head must be fit to explode, no not with deserved praise, but with all these ideas for future posts buzzing around in your head, I know mine is, I just wish I had more of that precious thing called time. We have had the same thoughts again, only this morning I hunted out two items on a doggie theme to put on my blog sometime and now I see you have a lovely little fella on your photo, we must stop doing this. I shall look out for The Duchess, I love period dramas, infact this afternoon I have been catching up with The Tudors, old Henry is beginning to annoy me a little, he does seem a bit wooden, don't you think! Look forward to your tales of blending in with the scenery! Louise x

Lucy Bloom said...

Hey, you do get up early in the morning don't you! Early mornings and early evenings are my favourite times of the day. I love getting up before anyone else and just pottering about pleasing myself. Oh, and a spot of blogging now and again as well. How exciting to go and watch a film set, nothing like that ever happens around here. Love the woofy button card.

The Nostalgia Fairy said...

Love the sweet doggy card!!!!

Charmingdesigns said...

What a delightful blog! Not sure how I came to find but I'm glad I did! Laurie

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

How exciting to watch a film being made! There was a film made here on Cape Cod in Chatham; I think it will be released next year. The movie will be called "Chatham" here, but elsewhere it will be entitled "The Good Guys" I believe. Many notable American actors star in it. It's about (what else) but old sea captains.

I visited Bath once on a trip to England! We saw the magnificent Crescent (BEAUTIFUL!) but didn't do much exploring in that particular area. Next time!

PG said...

Hey, thanks for dropping by my blog, that is bizarre, as you came up in convo with someone this weekend and I hadn't heard of Cowboys and Custard until now, but glad I've found you, and highly envious of your 'studio' which looks cosy warm. Gorgeous work btw!

Ragged Roses said...

Woof to you too! Let us know how the filming went! Glad you're enjoying blogging too, it is a lot of fun and I try to justify the time I spend in front of the computer by the time and energy I take running round taking photos to post!

Katherines Dream said...

dseqlI love the doggie too.
I am trying to blog, read 3 books, finish 3 sets of curtians I have started, complete a section of smocking, make two Christmas stockings for the grandsons and a pile of exmas deccies for our trees.....along with all the normal bits, bobs and baby sitting!
I should get up at 6.30am and try to catch up.
I have nearly finished the Christams shopping list which is a relief...........
Lol, my word verification for my comment says - taxoo which also reminds me that I still have to complete my books for last years tax return and start the books for this one.
Well have a great week Michele, I will try and post something tomorrow.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

So glad you are enjoying blogging. Me too. It's fun isn't it.

Jenn said...

Hi Michele! I LOVE everything you've been up to lately!! The new Christmas goodies are wonderful and I love this sweet dog card!! Hugs!! xox...jenn

bj said...

Me, too, Michele...I was thinking that when I started this blog thingy, what the heck would I ever find to write about!! Like you, I find things all the time to take pics of and write words about. Just amazing! I love it and my butt is also growing wider by the day from sitting~!! Ha...but, oh, what fun!