Tuesday, 20 November 2007

It's a Wrap...

Today.. mummy bear made the cave cosy and cleaned, cooked and crafted.. not venturing too far these days due to the deluge.
Normally I start to get cabin fever if I am cooped up day after day in my little kitchen cave.. but this weather just makes me want to hibernate and get snuggly..Oh thank heavens for the Aga! I know they are not P.C when it comes to carbon footprints and all but I suppose it balances out as I don't put the heating on all day whilst I am working in the kitchen and therefore save on central heating... well that's my tissue thin theory!
Today did bring joy.. the postman delivered a very exciting parcel from Edgar & Edgar (sorry Lucy.. still haven't sussed out the link thing.. please be patient with me) It was a roll of vintage Christmas Wrapping paper..

just what I have been searching for to use in my Christmas frames.. the real vintage deal! Wonderful graphics and v nostalgic.. Ooooo do love nostalgia!
Pickles took an immediate interest in the parcel as I was unwrapping it and then claimed it as his own!

Been making more cards in a bit of a frenzy as I am hoping ( fingers, toes and eyes crossed) that my small feature in this Sunday's Mail on Sunday YOU magazine will bring a flurry of orders.. sorry, for shameless publicity stunt..
Well.. when needs must..and all that.

So how have you got on today?
I hear Carol at Katherine's Dream is proper poorly with a nasty nasty bug.. hugs to you Carol.. but from a distance!
Annie at Saucerful of Secrets has made some GORGEOUS dolls .... go see!
Louise at Home is Where the Heart is.. has some hilarious shoes to show you..
Nicky at Vintage Magpie has some wonderful crafts going on ..
Niki from Nostalgia at the Stonehouse has some fabulous alternative Christmas gift ideas for teachers..

Before I go and wrestle with supper.. I will ease your curiosity..

This is me... I don't always look this blurred. Must be the weather!
Have a cosy evening all


PG said...

Oh envy! Lovely vintage paper! Do you know the book 'All Wrapped up' by Kevin Akers? You would love it, I'm sure.

(I have a head full of Valentine too, for same reasons as you...)

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Such pretty vintage Christmas paper! I'll bet it will be a joy to create with!

Ragged Roses said...

I'm all holed up too - it's lovely! doing the school run in the afternoon comes as a nasty shock! Love the wrapping paper it reminds me of paper they use to sell in the sweet shop when I was younger!

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Blurry Michele!
Your (new) vintage wrapping paper is wonderful.

Sounds like you have been working so hard - good luck with the 'You' magazine promotion! How exciting!!

(Thank you so much for your kind mention.
I also went and had a look at Annie's dolls as I was intrigued - they are incredible)

Glad you are keeping warm by your aga!
Niki x

Katherines Dream said...

Ha ha ha, I love your image very much........it is great, just a little, but not too much, brilliant, I will have to do one too!!!!
I feel better, I will start to move around a bit today as the Flu tab's are helping a lot.
I am going to sew sew sew today!!!
The wrapping paper is gorgeous and will look super in your frames.
Now, I have heard that your Aga is actually quite carbon friendly, am I mistaken? I do not have the CH on during the day when it is cold thus I am using much less gas as Aga's are such great conservers of heat. I know this is a fact as I regularly take gas readings and our usage of gas has dropped since installing the Aga. I do not use the tumble dryer now, ever! do not use a micro, ever. It does some of my ironing, so using the iron a lot less. I could go on, couldn't I Michele. I could not live without it now But, if you are not a keen cook an Aga would be a complete waste of time as the whole purposr of owning one is to cook in it, not just admire it.
I wish you live closer Michele, you could come and give y cave a bit of a clean, I have been a little lazy of late and a good friend to spur me on would help.
Links.......I open the site and then copy a paste the address that is in the top bar, sorry do not know the tech name for it! once you paste it into your psot it should carry the link.
I will get the mail on Sunday just to see your name in print and keep it along with all the other cuttings I store away. I will be in print in Dec Country File !
Big hugs,

Mary said...

Love the wrapping paper

Joanna said...

Must be lovely and warm and toasty by your aga. I think your theory works just fine. Its so hard to get on if its chilly. The new rayburn does not give of the same heat as the old solid fuel one which is a shame, as I have a kitchen table at last.
Love the wrapping paper and pickles, always looks so handsome


Hi Michele, before I forget to say can you tell Pickles that I think he is 'so lovely' and who wouldn't want to claim that piece of vintage wrap as their own? We have The Mail, so I am looking forward to seeing your name in lights in the You magazine, I feel very priveleged to be mixing with persons with status! I am going to try and do a self portrait of me, as long as I can get the camera to distract from my face a little! x

Anonymous said...

Oh, Pickles is such a sweet, cranky looking little thing...just want to hug him good. Pretty paper.

A Saucerful Of Secrets said...

Hi Michele, Your just as I imagined, a bit fuzzy round the edges ha ha only joking!!You look lovely.I LOVE the paper, made me feel like I was five again, isn't it funny how seeing something can take you back years? I can even smell those christmas times. Thanks for that sweetie, puts me in a nice place today. Best Wishes from Annie x

Nicky said...

Hi Michele,
Ok, Im jealous.. If I get to those pearly gates without having owned an Aga I shall be very very upset! Its one of my life's goals... sad, but very true!
Fantastic news about the Mail on Sunday, is it this weekend coming? I shall keep a look out. Thanks for the mention on your blog re crafts.. you really are a trouper xxx

Country Cottage Chic said...

The vintage paper is gorgeous!
And you are very pretty too.... ;-)

I agree about the Aga - we haven't switched the central heating on yet as the Aga is keeping the house warm all by itself.

bj said...

I can't really see ya but, from your adorable personality, I KNOW you are a beauty!!