Friday, 23 November 2007

The Battle of the Bindweed (and bulge)

Well I hope you are dazzled reading this because my halo is shining bright today..
I am feeling very virtuous after spending four hours in the garden, digging, planting and doing battle with the marauding bindweed. I don't deserve to feel virtuous really as it has taken weeks of mild threats that 'I am going to plant those bulbs..'
and finally today.. I decide the moment is ripe to get out in the glorious sun and have a good grovel in the dirt.
I love garden passionately but only aspects of it.. I get a real kick out of watching plants grow and bloom and so the 100 or so daffs that I have lovingly plonked into the soil today will give me huge pleasure.. and Spring will be much awaited.
The beauty of staggering my garden pursuits is that I can't remember what I have already planted so it will be a double delight in the Spring to discover bulbs I had forgotten about..
Today I also got round to planting up some pots that had lain empty for far too long..

I was lucky to inherit a beautiful Doulton carbon water filter or two which make fabulous planters and so to do them some justice I have stuffed them with miniature narcissii bulbs and tulips and I will wait and watch for their transformation..

This garden is relatively new as we only moved in 18 months ago and the whole garden was stripped bare of it's neglect and landscaped.. We could do with a stair lift to get from one end to t'other as it is very steep but it has different rooms and areas and gradually it will evolve and become my own garden of Eden..

I hope my four hour work- out has gone some way to burning off the indulgent mince pie feast I had this week... I certainly feel like I have done four rounds in the ring.. I can hardly stand upright.. The hunchback of Bath.


A Saucerful Of Secrets said...

Hi Michele, my,we have been busy, makes me feel positively naughty as I have spent today delivering two of my girls to cirencester then spending the rest of the time in good company drinking hot chocolate. It was blummin cold today! were you not too cold out in your garden?
I think Pickles/Mr. Pig positively devine, but I have to say it would take alot to compete with Rufus Rhinehorn ( there's nothing quite like a mothers love!!!!)I really must do a blog on him and his sister Mildred, there's alot to tell. Have a great weekend, best wishes from Annie x

Cowboys & Custard said...

Hi Annie
Yes it was bloomin cold but with thermal underwear and lots of digging I soon warmed up!
I am doing a good impression of Rudolph with a red nose now!

PG said...

What a lovely garden, and I am coveting that tall ceramic preserves pot...I thought of you with envy today as worked, although it's been a cold day for it and a bath would certainly be in order!

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Michele,
It was such a perfect autumnal day today wasn't it? - the sky was a wonderful rich blue - the perfect day for planting bulbs! It's such a good feeling to get out into the garden and accomplish those jobs you have been putting off - well done you! I love the tall planter that you have - the beige one with relief decoration.
(I've been Christmas shopping today in Bath - it wasn't very busy , so I actually enjoyed high street shopping for a change!)

I battle with bindweed too - I think it grows particularly well in this area!!
Niki x

Tracy said...

good work lovely lady!
your garden looks wonderful x
hope you have a great weekend - give an extra hug to Mr Pig from my twigs pigs xx
tracy x

Country Cottage Chic said...

It looks really pretty - a job well done! We planted our bulbs a few weeks ago & cleared the veggie garden but the polytunnel needs a final clear out.

I never eat mince pies until December so I'm virtuous this week. :-)

Cathy said...

Your garden looks fabulous. Surely not all of those photos are from today? I've got a couple of roses flowering and that's about it - Bodie has done for the rest. We have a very small garden which is why we have an allotment too. My friend and I are planning to get heaps of flowers there next year for cutting. Hope your bulbs surprise you - mine do every year as I always forget where I've put them.
Cathy X

Lesley said...

Your garden looks beautiful Michele! Mine is long overdue for a good tidy up - maybe Sunday...

You will have so much pleasure in Spring when all your pretty bulbs come up.
Well done you!
love Lesley x

Annie's Abode said...

Your garden looks lovely. Well done you for being out in the biting cold today - you are braver than me!


BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

What a busy lady! I am sure the hard work will pay off! I LOVE your Doulton jars!

I have eaten more than my fair share of Thanksgiving fare... I should go out and do more raking of leaves... tomorrow! =)

Sandra Evertson said...

Funny, I love that you forget what you've planted and get surprised the next year!
Sandra Evertson


What a lovely day it was, J and I had a day off work, but alas no time for being in the garden, we caught the train into Brighton, and spent about two hours in Travelbag planning an itinerary for our special holiday in January, more will be revealed once finalised, when finalised? What lovely planting schemes I can see going on in your garden, you very greenfingered person you, and I love your Doulton and pots. I can feel your pain just sitting here with backache on my typist's chair, gardening is definitely back breaking. How I love mince pies, what is it about them that makes you want to eat the whole pack! x

Sea Angels said...

Wow! Michele, now that is so pretty, can't beleive you have still got flowers out, it barley looks like winter has come to Bath huh!! Your pretty bulbs look all snug in their pots, I can hear them chattering from here, they get so excited don't they.
Have a smashing week-end.
Hugs Lynn xx

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Michele

What a lovely garden. I well remember the joys of gardening on a slope when we lived the opposite side of Bath! I've just caught up with a weeksworth of your posts - lovely. Although I'm not a cat-lover I think I could learn to love Pickles. He sounds as human as our dog-person was.

We WILL meet soon!


Katherines Dream said...

Good girl Michele, I only managed to sweep up a few leaves yesturday.
The garden looks lovely, I like a garden with rooms.
I lol at your comment forget what you planted, I am the same and that is half of the joy of Spring, what will appear!
I hate planting bulbs though! my pet hate. But its is worththe hard work as they looks wonderful when they finally appear.

weirdbunny said...

Hello, just came over via, Middle Of Nowhere (Gretel).

I was hoping to get out the garden today, but it's raining here in Wales today. I've still got some more spring bulbs to put in the boarders. Filled seventeen pots with spring bulbs last month to go by the french doors and side of the house. Woolworths has slashed their bulbs into cleareance. Possibly will try to get some more. Yes I do love spring flowers. The kids think I've gone slightly made this year.

The trouble is, lots of theings in the cottage garden haven died back properly yet.. When I did cut a lot back last year, they started growing again. This weather sure is strange, and I do want to put my garden to sleep ready for the winter ! ~ love Julia x

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Ooh I love your garden-your house is just so gorgeous!!!! I always drool over your photos! Thanks so much also for your kind words of late, I really appreciated them Michele!xx

this is my patch said...

Hi Michele, Question No 1 - Would you believe I have never grown hyacinths either, although my dad always does me a bowl for Christmas and this is kept in my porch, which isn't double glazed, so they are kept very cold. I have got pots of narcissi/jonquils which I leave in pots out in all elements, and they come up faithfully every year. If I had your hyacinth pots, I wish, I would keep them outside, I hope this is the correct advice, please don't sue me if all goes horridly wrong! Question No 2 - we are making plans to go to Australia in January running into February, a special pressie to ourselves to celebrate 25 years together, so I shall be away from blogging for over a month, I am already worrying about losing my faithful blog friends, but I shall hopefully be able to rely on you to start the ball rolling again when I get back. Anyway you are all stuck with me for the time being, must go now I have got our meal on the go. x

Jenn said...

Michele, your garden looks so lovely. You've inspired me to go finish working on mine! I have been putting off the fall clean up for weeks!! Happy weekend to you:)

Fuchsia Girl said...

Hi Michele,
Great garden - I do so envy you. Mine at the moment looks like a peat bog with skid marks where Megan seems to think it'll be a bit of a hoot to run, dive and belly flop on the grass! As a chocolate labrador she doesn't look any different covered in mud, but my kitchen floor does!
Can't wait to see the spring bulbs.

Joanna said...

I spent a few hours in the garden yesterday it was a lovely day if not very chilly. I planted broadbeans and sweet peas for next year. The bulbs I planted a month ago have already started to shoot. Your gaden looks wonderful, I love the idea of different rooms. I'm trying to do that but keep it as open as possisble, if that makes sense. All the best plants have to go int he front garden, but don't tell a certain little bunny.

Ragged Roses said...

Well done for getting those bulbs in! I planted some tulips a while back I've got a feeling that those squirrels have been having fun with them. Your garden looks lovely

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Oh how I would love to have a garden with all those different levels. How pretty. It is fun after a long winter to see what pops up in the Spring. I forget about things I have planted too.

Katherines Dream said...

This garden is beautiful and I would dearly love to be able to have a real good look around it. I am looking forward to more posts on this passion we share.
Carol x