Saturday, 10 November 2007

Strange but true..

I have been tagged (Hurrah .. my first) by Louise at for a random, funny, weird not necessarily in that order, fact about me..
O.K Let's think about this...

Funny....I was once rescued by a lifeboat for treading on a poisonous weaver fish.. poor fish!!! I can laugh about it now.

Random....I learnt to drive and passed my test 12 years ago and haven't driven since!!!

Weird... I can't stand wooden lolly sticks.. they set my teeth on edge..

Please forgive my earlier attempt at this.. it was late last night and I was sooo tired.. didn't read the request properly.

Sorry Louise xx

I would like to pass this on to Carol at Katherine's Dream...


Donna said...

Hi Michele
Glad you found me again too :-) In fact you were on my website's mailing list but the mail was returned to me so not sure if you have changed your email address. Do let me know. Those gorgeous corsages will end up on the website if they don't all get sold next week so do keep an eye out.

Love your random, weird and strange facts


I can't believe how quickly you have answered my request, it took me ages to answer to mine when I was tagged. Oh dear not nice about the poor fish! wooden lolly sticks not nice either, you just get to finish enjoying the ice-cream and your tongue hits that. Now about the driving, you aren't alone, I know two people who have done the same, I must urge you though to have another go, you will not regret it, just keep off the pavements! Louise x

Edgar and edgar said...

Thank you for visiting my BLOG and inquiring about my Vintage Christmas Paper..


bj said...

And, my dear, what pray tell is a "lolly" stick? :) And, you don't drive? How do you get to where you want to go? See, you have a whole new post idea now...answering some of the questions. lol

buttercup & roses said...

Ahh Poor fish! lol!!
There are loads of people who learn to drive and then never actually do, I couldn't be without my car, trouble is it makes you very lazy!