Thursday, 15 November 2007

Once upon a time ....

There was a hopelessly addicted internet surfer who just happened one day to put the words ' vintage nostalgia' into google search and lo.. she came upon a fabulous site and blog belonging to a very talented and lovely lady called Niki at
I was so fascinated and impressed by Niki's vintage style and the whole flavour of her attractive web-site and blog so I emailed her and asked to be put on her mailing list.. (It was Niki & Nonnie who encouraged me to start a blog).
It just so happens that Niki and I live not a million miles from each other and we managed to meet at Shepton Mallet Flea Market in September.
Well this story has a very happy ending.. so I will continue...
Niki sells the most beautiful vintage homewares and crafts and has an extraordinary gift for making vintage items even more appealing! She has an incredible eye for detail and design and uses these skills to make very attractive cushions, bags, and many other vintage treasures but above all her very own trademark vintage fabric dolls..which are always a sell-out at her web store.
Well..I have had a roll of vintage fabric for some years and as I am unable to produce anything worthy with a needle and thread I thought this fabric should go to a good home and Niki was the person who came to mind as I knew that she would make good use of the beautiful material. Soooooo.... as a 'thank you' Niki offered to make me something as a memento from the fabric as it had once belonged to my mother..
I asked Niki if she would make me a fabric heart to hang in my boudoir as the colours were perfect. Yesterday I received the most beautiful gift of not only a very pretty fabric heart stuffed with Lavender but attached to it was one of Niki's very special handmade vintage dolls..with a fabulous dress made from some of the fabric I had given her.

I was so touched and overwhelmed by Niki's generosity and kindness..

She must have spent hours making the doll which is absolutely delightful from the hair down to the exquistely painted shoes and undergarments all made from lovely vintage material.

If you are not already familiar with Niki's blog or webshop then you must visit her..She is one of a kind! Very special.
Thank you so much Niki.. this doll will be treasured!


Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Michele,
Oh, I feel quite tearful reading your kind words - thank you for writing this lovely post.
As you know I am thrilled to bits to have been given the beautiful roll of vintage fabric and to have had the opportunity to meet up with you too. The dolly was just a small 'thank you' from me for your very generous gift. I am so glad that you like her - she seems to have found a very warm spot to sit in your home!

Niki x

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I love the forget-me-not flowers on that fabric. And now you have that sweet doll made from it. What a treasure. xoxo Lynn

Lucy Bloom said...

Wow Michele, those are absolutely stunning, Niki's are the most beautiful handmade items I have ever seen. I just drool over her posts and her home is a dream!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

That is Niki! She is that way...very thoughtful and what an eye for vintage design!!!

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Niki is such a wonderful and talented lady! I've shopped at her online shop many times (and even purchased a couple of her darling dollies)! It was through her blog that I found you... yet another wonderfully talented lady!

What gorgeous treasures Niki has made for you with that pretty fabric!

carolyn said...

I saw the fabric on Niki's site, she has made you the most lovely of momentoes.

Katherines Dream said...

She is a lovely doll Michele, I know that you will treasure her very much.
I am off again tomorrow for a couple of days.
We are going to Broadstairs to see friends who have a cottage there.
I hope that you have a great weekend.


I love the fabric, especially the print of lily of the valley which my mum loved, I have a nice clump in my garden and the perfume always reminds me of her, and always brings a few tears to my eyes. A lovely present to you from Niki. x

Country Cottage Chic said...

What a beautiful doll & heart too.

Vintage to Victorian said...

I heard a doll might be on its way to you. Isn't she just absolutely beautiful. Are you coming to Shepton this weekend? Come and find me on Stand 74A in Showering Pavilion if so, just in case we miss each other at the Bath craft fair.

Thanks for your comment. Dad was with the 113th LAA Regt, Royal Artillery.

Sue x

Cathy said...

Hi Michele,
Thank you for finding my blog and leaving such wonderful comments. I'm so glad you did, because it brought me to you and I just adore this story. I also love Niki's blog. Hers is one of the very first blogs I ever bookmarked. It's so amazing how this lovely internet world of eboutiques and blogging brings all of us sweet ladies so much closer together. And the gifts and kindnesses that go around are so a wonder. Thank you for finding me!