Saturday, 10 November 2007

Roll Up Roll Up!

Being a child at heart I have very little patience when it comes to suprises and the giving of gifts.. I really do get a buzz out of giving and so this combined with a complete lack of restraint.. I have decided to have a little celebration with my fellow friends in blogland and share some early festive frivolity with you all..
My blog is nearly a month old now and it has changed my life.. not in a Oprah Winfrey kind of way .. but it certainly has opened up a whole new world and the opportunity to share.. which is what I love doing best!
Soooooo... drum roll please.. small fanfare if you wish.. I would like to give this small bundle of Vintage goodies to the person who's name I pick (or I'll ask Mr Pig aka Pickles the cat to do the honours) out of a suitably vintage bowl..
Here is what you will receive.. 3 Dresden paper gold stars.. a vintage Christmas snowball cake decoration.. a vintage Christmas postcard from France.. and last but not least.. a vintage bottle brush Christmas tree complete with mica in mint condition..oh and I'll throw in 3 of my vintage badge Christmas cards.. to boot!

All you have to do is dredge through your memories and tell me what has been your most exciting, inspirational, unusual Christmas present of all time!
I will draw the lucky recipient of these Christmas goodies.. on the Wednesday 14th November at 6.p.m and let you know who the winner is by the end of that day.. I will need a postal address once the winner is announced.

These are my latest Christmas frames but these will NOT be in the giveaway I am afraid.. though they are for sale in my shop

Postscript added 8.44 p.m Saturday 10th Nov.
Hi Louise..Thank you for the first comment..
I should have said that ALL names/comments received by 14th 6p.m will be entered into the draw.. Pickles will pick out the winning name.. if I can get him to co-operate.
Good Luck!



No Michele, this is just too generous, what a great Christmas box. The Christmas present that I remember probably wouldn't be described as inspirational or unusual but to a kid it was I daresay exciting. Can you remember Invicta Mastermind, the game where you guessed the order of the colours in the code, well back in the 70s I got this as a present, I remember me and my older brother playing this for hours on Christmas day, one of us each side of my parent's brown smoked glass coffee table, surrounded by elderly relatives napping after too much turkey and brown ale! I hope this story is exciting enough to be added into your brilliant prize draw. Yours ever hopeful, Louise x

lucybloom said...

Hi Michele, those Christmas goodies are just delightful - love that bottle-brush tree.
My Christmas present was not exciting or inspirational, at best maybe unusual, certainly left me speechless. One year my dear mum gave me a pair of pyjamas - only the same ones I'd given her two years earlier. And I don't mean she bought a pair the same, she had squirreled them away for gift-recycling and forgotten that I'd given them to her in the first place! ...AND they didn't fit me!!!
Oh well, I love her dearly anyway.

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Hi Michele-love your idea of your giveaway,and I know what you mean about 'the joys of blogging' lol!!
My favourite Christmas present of late was believe it or not, the stained glass Victorian door in my kitchen!!! I'd seen it in a reclamation shop and it perfectly matched the rest in my house(and I kept going on about it)! So after Tom bartered it down to half the price, it ended up in my stocking (very weird I know to want a door for Christmas lol!!)!!! Enjoy your weekend!
p.s. I'm glad to have found another non-driver too!

maggie said...

Hi Michelle, I'm so glad to have found your blog. I'm trying to get mine up and going soon. This sounds like a very wonderful giveaway and you are most generous.
My most treasured Christmas gift was a quilt from my mom about 15 years ago. Now that my mom is not with us any more I treasure it even more.

bj said...

Hi, I surely want to get in on this lovely giveaway you have coming up.
My mom and dad divorced when I was in the 2nd grade and I was so devastated, I could have died. We moved away from my dad and it was the hardest Christmas for a little girl, not having her daddy there. Well, a day before Christmas, he couldn't make the long trip but he sent me one of my favorite things in the world at that time...a hugh box of Hershey candy bars. I think there were 24 in the box. Somehow, just knowing he knew how I loved them and he thought enuf of me to send them, eased my Christmas a little bit. I have received some beautiful, costly gifts at Christmas throughout my life, but those Hersheys will always be MY very best gift.
Well, I just made myself cry....
come over to see me sometime....

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

What an extremely generous giveaway treat! I found my way here via Niki at Nostalgia. I think this is my first visit here... and what a delightful blog you have! I went over to your shop and the boxes you create are so precious!

My favorite Christmas gift was also a quilt. It was a Thousand Pyramids quilt made by my great-grandmother (whom I never met - she was originally from PEI). My gr-grandmother had given this quilt to a friend, and it was passed down in the friend's family (it remained unused). One day, the owner decided to give it back to our family, and my mother gave it to me one Christmas! Whenever I use it, it is as if my gr-grandmother is giving me a hug! =)

Joanna said...

What a lovely giveaway, I Kimball has been stocking me up on paint brushes everychristmas. I wear down the point so quickly and I have expensive taste when it comes to brushes

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, pictures and all the do-dads. My Christmas gift was wedding photos in a frame. We had been married for 15 years and never got wedding photos purchased. We had moved, studio closed down and all we have are a book of proofs.My sweet husband took some proofs and copied them and put them in frames. They were just the sweetest thing I have ever recieved.
Wendy Bussell

Katherines Dream said...

Hi mIchele........phew I am catching up!!!
Well I am going for the most 'not unusual but disappointing'....
My Hub does not give many suprises, he says he would hate to get it wrong!
But this particular year 1987 I think.......he decided to suprise me with a whole outfit.
1. Green knitted jumper.
2. Green knitted tights.
3. Green blouse.
4. Green skirt.
Not a pretty green, a yukky sludge green.......I was nearly sick when I saw the outfit all put together.
What do you suppose he was thinking of?
Well needless to say it ALL went back to Next!
We didn't have The Hulk then did we?
Carol xx

Country Cottage Chic said...

What a sweet giveaway! I do love vintage Christmas things.

The Christmas present that made me cry was a few years ago - my sister (who lives in South Africa) had a bag made with photos of my children & my nieces on - I was so touched when I opened it.

My most used present is the wonderful Kitchen Aid my husband gave me last year.

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Michele,
What a great prize - I love the snowman cake decoration!

A few years ago I used to collect vintage enamelware. My sweet hubby had found me a hot water carrier in white enamel for Christmas - not too strange, but I susupect there aren't many people who would get excited to receive some rusty old metalware as their special present! I'm easily pleased! ;-))

Niki x

thevintagemagpie said...

Oh hooray, hooray, hooray.. I do love a giveaway... though never win, but its the taking part that counts! Gorgeous giveaway Michele. You are a very generous young lady... My favourite Christmas present, mmm, the one I remember the most was (dont laugh) a stuffed toy 'flame' that my mum had been given as a freebie from British Gas! (Sod the bike! - ha ha). Funny what sticks in your mind isnt it!! x

Jenn said...

ooooh Michele!! You are sooo generous for sure...what lovely treats!! okay...I'm throwing my name in to the vintage bowl (come on Pickles!!).
MOST EXCITING: when we were kids and we got atari!! my sister and I jumped up and down for hours!! as an adult it was when my then hubby... hid my engagement ring in a huge box and surprised me with a proposal!
MOST INSPIRATIONAL: My sweet Nanna gave me a handmade afghan blanket...she has since passed away and I treasure it and am inspired by it every time I look at it!!
MOST UNUSUAL: a 2 sizes too small, hideous little Christmas plaid satin vest with no tag. I kept it for quite awhile for fun giggles every Christmas!!
Thank you Michele for such an awesome giveaway:) And I adore your new are so talented!! xoxo...jenn

Nonnie said...

Gosh this is difficult. I can't think of anything that stands out as a real favourite. I think I would have to say my sewing machine which Mum and Dad bought me about 12 years ago and which has seen a lot of action since. My first ever Christmas present when I was just four months old which will always be special was my dear Teddy Bear 'Ted Hornby'. He has been with me ever since, mopping up the tears or providing comfort in times of stress and still sits on my bed now looking rather thread bare through years of love. A rather odd present was a hamper which an ex boyfriends Grandma gave us when we lived together in Liverpool. It wasn't really the kind of hamper I like as it contained tins of corned beef, a chip pan and beef dripping to name but a few of the contents! She'd put it together herself and obviously didn't really get the concept of a gourmet hamper. The chip pan was included because she discovered I didn't have one. I was proud of this fact as I considered making chips to be unhealthy but apparently I was very much lacking in my domestic duties by not providing her beloved Grandson with chips on a regular basis!