Friday, 9 November 2007

Let it snow....

It's been a funny old week.. my moods have soared and dipped with the rising and disappearing sun and I am still in denial that it is Christmas in a few weeks.. hard to ignore it when I am making numerous HO HO HO cards at the moment!
I am a contrary creature and find the seasons have a profound effect upon my general demeanour.. I love all of the season's and I suppose I am most loyal to Autumn as it was when I was born.. a September baby but there is something to be said though for a cold biting winter and I miss the frosty, icy winters of my youth.. I remember one winter as a child, being dragged to my primary school in the local village, on a wooden sledge by my older brother..only to find that the school had closed due to the boiler packing up.. it was a magical winter and I still get soooo excited when it snows.. but being older and of course more practical (????) I realise this feeling is not shared by many..We live on such a steep hill and just a few yards from the house is the equivalent of the Eiger and in seconds I could be in town... on my derriere! It normally takes 10 minutes in a vertical position. I still find a winter snow scene so romantic and there is such a special quality to the acoustics of a snow laden landscape.. muffled, quiet... bliss! We rarely get snow now in Bath.. too many hot springs and whatever manages to settle soon melts into just a brief memory..
In my dreams (which are many) I would love to live on the edge of Dartmoor and experience a proper winter.. but then I agonise over the fate of the poor animals (and people) who have no shelter and is a no win situation!
What is your favourite season... and why.. do you have memories of eating snowballs and icicles ..?


Joanna said...

I do love snow, but then I like barmy summer evenings, all the new growth spring brings and the wonderful colours of the autumn. Its so hard to have a favourite season. I used to find the autumn a little depressing but its got halloween and bonfire night and you can have cosy nights in front of the log burner


Michele I love snow if indoors and can enjoy the wintery scene, but when you have to get up at the crack of dawn, get in the car, and practically slide into work it is not so much fun! I don't have a favourite season but I must admit when the clocks change, meaning longer daylight hours, the thought of staying out in the garden until 9.00pm makes me feel very happy. x

Katherines Dream said...

I love snow too and I agree with all your reasons why.
I like the balmy summer evenings too, like Joanna.
I also can't wait to see the new green leaves and buds appear as spring developes.
I am a September baby, so Autumn is a favourite time for me too....I adore all the seasons!!
I have a small collection of snowmen!! Raymond Briggs snowmen.


Carla said...

Snow I love, only when it just has fallen and then you can hear it when you walk. I love it to come home in the dark after work and see my home from outside with candles on. (my lovely friend does that every night now)That makes you really feel coming home. But my favorit is spring. Every year I.m amazed by natur. Those beautiful green leaves coming out and look so fresh,birds making their nests in our garden. And you can smell it to. Yes, I love spring.