Monday, 19 November 2007

You make me laugh award!

Another award.... what is going on!!????
Thanks a million Louise@Homeiswheretheheartis....(make mental note... ask everyone how to link names to blog)
It has really brightened an otherwise very dreary day.
I do love to laugh but I have a quirky sense of humour if you can call it that.. amongst other things.. and I am not sure everyone is on the same bus as me when it comes to my intended humour. It's good to know I make you smile Louise.
I really appreciate this... thank you!


So far the last laugh is on me as I can't upload the award.... I'll keep trying

P.s Success!


Michele said...

Hello Michele!
Thank you so much for coming to my blog, which has now brought me to yours. I really had to laugh reading your post about your name. I wish I had a dollar for everytime someone has sang the Michelle song to me. UGGGG, I hate it! I always say you can tell the true Michele's because they only have one "L".
Love your work and your blog, I will be back again.
Hugs~ Michele

Cathy said...

I've just stumbled across your blog and really love the things you make. Your house looks gorgeous too. I'll be back soon!
Cathy X

Sam said...

Just popped in to say Hello!
The mantle is gorgeous - I'm sure that it will be doubly so for Christmas (it does seem to lend itself to Christmas decor, doesn't it?)

cd&m said...

Just been looking through your blog and yes you definetly deserve your awards!

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Michele, if you want to put a link behind a name, you need to highlight the name in your blog text, then click on the link button(this is in the toolbar and is a green circular blob next to the text colour button, it will say Link when you hover over it. Whilst the text is highlighted, click on this link button and you can enter the URL in a little pop-up window. If you don't highlight any text it will simply insert the url into your blog text. That's how I do it anyway. Hope that makes sense, let me know if not. Your mantelpiece looks great with all your nic-nacs on it!

Ragged Roses said...

Congrats on your award and, yes, you DO deserve it!
Kim x

bj said...

Oh, and meant to add that I, too, would like to know how to link names.....


Thanks Michele for so bravely owning up to not knowing how to do a link to a person's name, I knew how to put a link in the post which shows up the http address but I couldn't fathom out how to show the name, thanks Lucy Bloom for sharing with us the secret of highlighting the text, you are clever, I wish I'd thought of that, doh!

Cowboys & Custard said...

Thanks v much for the online link tutorial... Lucy
I will have a try when I get a moment!
Thank goodness someone knows what to do!

A Saucerful Of Secrets said...

Hi there, well we are doing well for awards arn't we?!!!lol you'll need that fantastic mantelpiece to show all your awards soon. Love the blog, best wishes from Annie x