Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Cats and tantrums!

Well the saying... " Never work with children or animals' is ringing in my ears as yesterday Pickles attempted his first rehearsal as the Christmas Giveaway.. draw master preparation for tonight's draw for the vintage Christmas bundle of goodies.
Shall we just say that the rehearsal did not go smoothly and even with some small bribe of munchies and a catnip mouse placed discreetly under the paper slips.. Pickles failed to perform his duties!! We have had a certain amount of theatrical tantrums from him and I did hear him mutter something under his fishy breath about not having an equity card and the fee of a few prawns was not nearly enough!
Oh dear! I shall probably have to hire an understudy to pick the winning name out of the bowl this evening unless Pickles decides it's worth getting out of bed for... doubtful... looking at the bleary-eyed, beligerent photo of him!!!!


Marja Kristiina said...

Pickles has clearly decided that this is not something he wishes to take part in! If the grand prize was for HIM, now that might be an altogether different story :-)

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! Your kind comment is much appreciated. Welcome back any time!


Pickles is so sweet, I love him, I hope to maybe have a cat of my own next year. Anyway back to Pickles, why don't you scatter closely together the entries over the floor and let him sit on one, I am sure he would get out of bed to put his stamp of approval on the winner! x

bj said...

How precious. Well...he just clearly is NOT INTERESTED in your game....AT ALL. Do you think he feels he is being asked to WORK? And, by looking at him, I am sure WORK is not his cup of tea!!
Haha...well good luck on getting the drawing done!!
happy day, bj

Anonymous said...

Oh, that naughty but lovable Mr. Pickles. :) Don't know if I mentioned that Mr. Silver Bell is from Yorkshire...went to university in Bath. Things you find out. :) Your Christmas doll story is very sweet.
Have a lovely day.

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

That photo has cheered me up no end!!! Gorgeous!!

Vee said...

That is funny! It does seem a "don't bug me I am otherwise occupied" look doesn't it?