Monday, 12 November 2007

Every picture tells a story..

Do you remember Play School and the part of the programme where they looked through a different window.." today we are going to look through the .... wait for it.... square window!" All very exciting stuff when you are six years old.. gosh was I six years old once..? Surely not.... I feel as old as the ark sometimes and yet I still think I am forever 18 years old..Funny thing age..
ANYWAY.. I am rambling ..
So where was I ?
I was going to take you through the square window today to look at corners of my home.. little bits of this and that..things that I treasure and collect .....and things that collect dust!
Starting off with..
My grandfather clock.. I remember my parents buying this for £40.00 in Mortenhampsted when I was a child.. it was covered in black tarry varnish and my mother single-handedly stripped it back to a lovely red the process she got some caustic soda in her eye and spent several days having it washed out a the local hospital!

Next treasure is my love of Japanese lacquer frames.. this one is very special as it has a fabulous original tinted photograph of kimono clad ladies..

As you know.. I also love French antiques and rustic furniture.
This is just a tantalising glimpse of my beloved Chiffoniere.. it is a beautiful piece of furniture that houses my childhood nostalgia collection.. teddies, assorted animals, rabbits of course and numerous other items..

I also love (too many things) old textiles and particularly..primitive rag rugs.
I am still hunting a rag rug to put in my boudoir. This is a lovely vintage needlwork cushion that once lived in our rental cottage in Cornwall.. I am so glad it came home to roost with me!

And lastly... is my love of icons.. this particular one is a genuine Russian 18c icon..

Before I go.. thank you so much everyone who has entered into the spirit of my Christmas giveaway at post 'Roll up, roll up'. See below for post.
It seems like some very thought-provoking, amusing and poignant gifts have been received by you all..
Please keep your comments coming as this giveaway closes on Wednesday at 6 o.clock p.m . Bon Chance tout le monde!


Joanna said...

Thank you for sharing things through the square window. I loved that bit on playschool. What treasures you have. The grandfather clock is amazing and must of been some work for your mother to strip. I stripped a chest of drawers a few months ago and that was really hard.


Hi Michele, yes I remember Playschool well, Big Ted, Little Ted, Jemima, Humpty and that strange looking doll, was she called Hamble or something? My best friend Stephanie had a great Humpty lookalike at the time, made of velvet, were you still watching Playschool at the age of 18! Lovely treasures, fancy having a Russian icon, you lucky thing. I shall study your treasures in greater detail later, after I have done some chores. x

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

What a lovely little peek into your home! I particularly love the hardware on your French drawer! I love those old Russian icons very much (I have a little Russian blood flowing through my veins on my mom's side). You don't see these icons very much where I live though (except in museums). Yours is beautiful!

lucybloom said...

Love that grandfather clock of yours. Mr. Bloom would love a clock like that...maybe one day, better start saving now!

Fuchsia Girl said...

Thanks for sharing parts of your home with us - I love that everything has a story and a treasured memory for you.

PS: It's ok to ramble.

Fuchsia Girl said...

Thanks for sharing parts of your home with us - I love that everything has a treasured meaning and memory for you.
PS: It's ok to ramble :-)

bj said...

I loved seeing these favorite things of yours. I'm looking forward to seeing more.

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

You have some wonderful antiques Michele.

(Many years ago I was lucky enough to do my college work experience at Liberty's of London. It was Christmas time and they had just imported a huge collection of icons from Russia that year. They were incredible, the display was stunning with guilded artwork shimmering in the spot lights.

Yours is a beautiful one, you must treasure it, I'm sure.)

Niki x

Sea Angels said...

You have the most wonderful collection of beautiful, beautiful, items, all with a story to tell. It's so nice of you to share your treasured home with us, and give us peeps of things loved and cared for.

Your very right about husbands too ha ha !!
Hugs Lynn xx

Ragged Roses said...

Hello! Yes I remember Play School very well! I use to love watching it. I think I liked the round window best for some reason! However. it's been lovely looking through the window into your home today, thanks
PS love the blog

buttercup & roses said...

I love seeing everybody elses beautiful things, I would love to own a longcase clock one day, but at the moment our ceilings are just way to low!
I would love it if you could come to the christmas fair, it is at Nettlecombe court, monksilver, somerset.
Oh, I was just wondering where you got your printed ribbon?, I saw a parcel you sent to another blogger and I would love to get some for the shop.
Jen x