Friday, 30 November 2007

Pickles has been tagged....

Lying in state in sick bed and bored rigid... so here's one I prepared earlier.....
(Thanks so much for get well wishes... they are the best medicine!)

Captain Rupert @ Higglety Pigglety has tagged Pickles... so here goes..
Pickles has his say...and you won't hear the last of it!

Name five favourite songs

1. (Diamonds) Tabbies are forever
2. Cool for Cats
3. (Born) Prawn free!
4. (Wish) Fish upon a star
5. Tiger Feet

Five favourite toys

1. Wally the best loved catnip toy
2. Any cardboard box that happens to be vacant
3. Helium balloons.. love to jump up and catch the string .Always a favourite at Christmas
4. Clockwork mouse.. when the real thing is unavailable
5. Chasing my own tail when there’s nothing else to do

Name five things you love to eat

1. Fish fish and more fish
2. Fish
3. Science Plan munchies
4. Prawns when I am lucky!
5. Greek yoghurt.. well why not!

Five activities you like to indulge in

1. Curtain twitching
2. Climbing into small spaces.. boxes, cupboards, whatever fits!
3. Bird watching
4. Digging up the garden
5. Sleeping! Lots of sleeping.

Name five bad habits …only five!?

1. Ambushing feet on the stairs
2. Attention seeking.. climbing along the mantelpiece and knocking ornaments off.. only when I am hungry though!
3. Paddling in the bath with muddy paws
4. Chasing the cute cat next door!
5. Bringing up hairballs on the best rug…… sorry tmi.

Just to let you know that Pickles is working on his autobiography ... place your orders now!


Katherines Dream said...

Good morning Michele,
Please place my order for a copy!
Hope you are a bit better today.

bj said...

That is the cutest post, ever! Pickles is so sweet and I can tell you love him so much~!
Sure hope you are feeling MUCH better today.
hugs, bj

Anonymous said...

Oh, he is so cute I just want to love on him. The picture of him and his friend is so sweet. Hope you are feeling better.

Maggie R said...

Hi Michele.
I just happened by and glad I did....Hope you are feeling better and tell Pickles I want a copy!!!
Maggie in Cold, snowy Canada.

Sea Angels said...

Hello Michele, I am so sorry you have been so poorly. But that really was a super post about Pickles, I just adore cats, love them to death, give him a cuddle from me, and I hope you make sure he gets a good deal on the film rights.
Lots of Fairy Dust is coming with this comment to help you feel better,
Lynn xx


Good evening Pickles, I hope you are looking after your mum, taking her tuna fish sandwiches and maybe the odd saucer of milk! I hope you had a good day today, getting up to whatever tabbies get up to. Until your next post, please send my best fishes to the lady of the establishment. As for your catobiography put me down for a 1st edition pawed copy! x

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Oh My Gosh! That was so funny. You get the "You make me smile award" from me today. ~ Lynn

Lesley said...

See, that's why I have to have a Moog and not a Pickles - she can't get into my cupboards!!! V funny Pickles post though!

Hope you feel better soon xxx

p.s. word verification 'ooker' ?? who me?

Country Cottage Chic said...

Pickles is quite the celebrity now!

What is the title of his new book? "The Cat's Whiskers"?

Hope you are feeling better today - but what miserable weather we are having.

Captain Rupert said...

Thankyou pickles for jioing in with the tag, We love the picture of you in the food cupboard.
Captain Rupert xx

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Too cute!!!! He is quite the little bugger, now isn't he? I could just pick him up and squeeze him. Your Christmas decorations are just too cute, too..