Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Giveaway update

Hello Fellow Bloggers
It is 6.56 a.m in the morning and what am I doing....blogging of course.. I am going to start wearing a badge saying 'I live to Blog' or maybe ' I Blog to live'.... no really..that was a joke!
I wanted to reply to everyone of you who have entered into the Christmas Giveaway so far.. I have so enjoyed reading your eclectic list of gifts.. from rusty enamel hot water carrier .. thanks Niki@Nostalgia .. to some recycled Pyjamas.. thank you Lucy@LucyBloom ... Carol from Katherine's Dream... sludgy green outfit..oh how chic! Your most memorable Christmas gifts have been very poignant and moving to downright hilarious!
Everyone of your gifts have meant something to you and obviously made an impression.
I have had some whacky gifts over the years..from a floor mop (bless!) to a whole box of sugar mice to a mosaic bee..and angel.
Probably my most memorable and exciting gift was when I was about 8 years old and passionate about dolls.. I was besotted with my family of biro-tattooed dolls and rag dolls and Sindy and Chatty Kathy and Michelle Doll, teddies etc etc etc.. oodles of them!
My darling mother had found a local lady to knit every one of my dolls and teddies a winter outfit, from twin-sets to bobble hats and scarves..to polo neck sweaters.. all in miniature. I woke in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve and excitedly turned my bedside light on only to find my whole family of dolls sitting at the end of my bed and in a brand new carriage pram, wearing their new knitted togs.
I thought I had died and gone to heaven.. so much was the sheer joy and surprise that Santa had clothed all my dolls
and I hadn't heard a thing. Magical!

I am going to add something to the small festive bundle.. only a little thing ... 1 x miniature Christmas cracker.. vintage of course!
I bought a whole box of them in lovely candy colours .. mint condition in the original box. What a find!

In true Michele style I have raided the box and used some of the crackers in my frames..
Not this one though.. finished yesterday..

P.s Pickles is limbering up for his important role tomorrow evening.. we may well have a dummy run today and I think it might involve bribing him with some prawns.. he never says no to the little pink fish!


Nonnie said...

I love this latest frame!


Hi Michele. When I was only a baby my Nan and Grandpa moved away to live in Majorca. They only came over once a year if that, but when they did visit, my nan used to give me a selection of beautifully knitted dolls clothes which I suppose she had been lovingly making throughout the year. I loved my nan and wish I had been able to see more of her, I know my mum missed her being around as well. In fact I shall have to get into the loft to find my black doll, I think she is wearing one surviving remnant of the knitted paraphernalia. x

bj said...

Beautiful frame. And, I know you are having fun reading all the notes people are leaving.
My mother used to sew little tiny clothes for my daughter's little dolls and daughter is grown now, but she is still hanging on to the little clothes. Probably forever!

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Your frame with the snowmen is darling! I love that your little dolls and bears all had new outfits one Christmas! My mom sewed some dresses for my Penny Brite doll when I was little, and she even knit a tiny fisherman's knit sweater, all of which I still have, and I treasure them. I no longer have my own Penny Brite, but I did find a new (old) one on ebay, so she can now wear the clothes! =)

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Love, love your Christmas crackers....and especially the colors. Michele thank you for lighting a candle and for your kind words. Means the world to me. ~ Lynn