Thursday, 22 November 2007

The Tale of Two Kittys

I have been thinking for the last few days (yes.. it happens occasionally) that Pickles should have his own post as he seems to have gathered a small fan club of late.. well at least three of you have sent love to him.
Pickles is no ordinary cat and as my son so aptly said the other day.. "I don't think of Pickles as an animal, much more like a person" and that is what he is.. a fully qualified member of the family and with equal status..
In short... I adore him! I have had cats all my life and they have all had individual and totally different characters from each other but Pickles is 'one of a kind' cat! To start with he has an alter ego called Mr Pig.. this side of him is hugely eccentric and features often in songs that we sing to him (yes.. we are barking!) We suspect that Mr Pig has a job as a window cleaner on the sly so we sing "Pickles is a window cleaner now..." to a George Formby style tune..

it get's worse! Leave now if you are of a delicate disposition.

Pickles knows exactly how I feel and will curl up next to me or on me if I am feeling bluesy or unwell..
He talks.. not like any other cat I have ever known.. he squeaks rather than meows and the volume increases if he wants to get his point across.. Pickles plays fetch.. he has a small catnip walrus ??? 'Wally' and will retrieve it each time it is thrown.. if we go away for a day we find Wally placed on the bed.. a gift to say 'I forgive you.'
Pickles is a typical tom cat but a bit of a wuss too.. he picks fights and then runs!!!!
He can never resist a cardboard box.. even if it is too small..

His least endearing habits are bringing little furry gifts home.. mice, birds, frogs (not furry) fish, last but not least... bats..
I suppose we should be grateful that he brings his gifts home and lets them loose in the house without killing them.. so one morning whilst enjoying my morning cuppa in bed and happily reading a book.. a bat comes flapping into the bedroom.. immediate instinct is to dive under the duvet.. bats and long hair.. don't get on do they?? I am screaming at the top of my voice for my beloved to come and rescue me and the bat (not necessarily in that order) and he is on the lower floor of the house 3 floors down and can't hear me as I am under the duvet.. my son chooses to ignore his hysterical mother.
Then to make matters worse.. in comes Pickles in hot pursuit of the bat and starts jumping up and down on the bed, I assume to catch the bat in which he succeeds. Eventually.. this story has a happy ending.. bat is released unharmed out of the window.. cat is given long pep talk about respecting nature and I have hair intact!
Yes Pickles aka Mr Pig.. is one special cat!
Fan mail for either cat can be sent to this blog... I will forward it.


Ragged Roses said...

Much love to Pickles. He sounds like a very special cat. I'm writing this with one of my cats attached to my knees - she just won't shift not even if I try and stand up. they are very stubborn creatures aren't they? We haven't had bats yet but a variety of other things that I'm too squeamish to mention.
Kim x


I love short-haired cats especially tabbies like Pickles, he is just so sweet. I really miss my neighbour's cat who mysteriously just disappeared, he was such a friend to me and would do circus tricks, he had the best character imaginable. We may have a spell away at the beginning of next year, but I am seriously thinking of getting myself a cat after that (infact I have seen one in our local cat welfare called Purdey, but she is sure to have found a home by that time), we used to have tame ferral cats on the farm, so I have been brought up around them. Add me to Pickles fan base please. x

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Oh that cat is driving you batty! I have never had a bat in the house...I must go buy a nice know...for if and when it happens!
See you in the a.m.

Michele said...

Hi Michele,
I just stopped by to wish you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving with much joy and laughter.
Hugs~ Michele

Katherines Dream said...

Well this is a late night for me!
Michele I have never owned a cat.
I would like to though.
I do not anything about them and this worries me.
My Geroge & Harry are only taken out in leads as the norm for a dog keeper. Letting a cat out all on it's own scares me.
I would love an English Blue and did make enquires once.
You would have to teach me the rules on how to bring up and train a cat.
Pickles is a handsome boy though and I can sense how much you adore him.
Hugs and sleep tight.

bj said...

What a precious posting! I like that you love Pickles so much. Pets have a special spot in our hearts!
hugs, bj

Joanna said...

I love tabbies, having grown up with suky cat a really lovely cat. Unfortunatly I became allergic the her and other cats, so can't make a fuss of them. It does not stop me loving cats or enjoying watching them. Mr Pickles is so photogenic and handsome, clever him for saving your hair from the bat, but glad the bat escaped

Country Cottage Chic said...

LOL! Purdy & Pippa send kitty love his way (they are two confirmed spinsters). Purdy is the most delicate & ladylike of the two but is a cunning hunter of mice & baby bunnies (sadly). Pippa is a fan of boxes too, she is fearless, thinks she is a dog & sees off foxes from the garden, but is far too lazy to bother chasing little furry creatures.