Tuesday 3 June 2014

Roll out those hazy lazy crazy days…..

Well.. it has been a long time since I ventured into my blog to update my adventures.. and it all feels a bit alien to me. I have been busily immersing myself in village life and enjoying the beautiful season that flourishes outside my window. Now that we are officially in the Summer season… thoughts turn to  lounging in deck chairs, cutting roses in the garden and walking through the sublime buttercup meadows with our sweet little Minnie dog.

This is a gentle step back into blog land to share with you my next adventure which takes place on the 6th & 7th of June in the very beautiful valley of St Catherine a hop and a skip from the centre of Bath. I will be joining some very fine stalls at the Cabbages & Roses two day event and hope that you will be able to join me.

There will be toys galore and a big dob of nostalgia on Cowboys & Custard's Stall.


KC'sCourt! said...

Welcome back to blogland
Julie xxxxxxxxxxx

Frances said...

What a swell surprise to see this new post from you! I'm sure the great outdoors and village goings on must be lots of fun, but please don't stay away from blogdom for too long.

Best wishes for lots of success at the weekend brocante. Your stand looks so tempting, I do wish I could just magic myself over to visit.


jen storer said...

Lovely to see that you're putting your toes in buttercups and the blogging world again, Michele. Me too! (except for the buttercups, sadly). Hope to hear more of your adventures over the coming months. Best wishes. Jen xo