Thursday, 5 September 2013

It's all go.....

Please forgive the brevity of my blog posts of the last few months... the days might be winding down to Autumn, with that beautiful burnished light that comes with September sunsets and the bushes and trees laden with their abundant harvest.

  I, however am busier than ever and rather than my usual tendency to hibernate and slow down with the season, I am finding 24 hours woefully inadequate to achieve all that I have and want to do. We won't even mention the 'C' word as that would send me into a tail spin with all the projects and work I have stored away for that occasion.

This Saturday we will be packing up the old jalopy and wending our way to Rangeworthy village hall for another vintage jumble sale. The boxes might just have to pack themselves this time, as the hours are ticking by and my time is running out! Do come along if you like a good bargain as I promise you there is something for everyone at these jumbles.. from Paisley quilts, to garden gnomes, much loved teddy bears, Enid Blyton books, chintzy tea sets and so much more!

Sunday I will be lobbing some heavy metal balls around... all in the name of The Biddestone Boules Tournament.
 This fun event has become a firm favourite and this year we will be team 'Minnie the Moochers'... accompanied by none other than our lucky mascot.. Minnie herself!
 We might not make it to the finals.. but sure as God made little green apples, we will be enjoying the bonhomie of the Boules brigade!!

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sweetbriardreams said...

I love the autumn gold that this time of year brings. I made the 'C' cake last weekend... with a BBQ cooking outside! A random weekend. Good luck with the tournament. x