Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Hip hip hooray.. one year old today!

You are cordially invited to join me in a cup of tea and a slice of cake...one slightly bigger than this one.. to celebrate the coming of age of my Cowboys & Custard Blog...
I can hardly believe that a year has flown by and I remember the trembling hand when writing my first post on the 15th October 2007..
Would anyone ever find me.. would anyone want to read the ramblings of this particular blog..
Well.. it seems you did..and it has been one hell of a journey.. I am having such a ball.. making some very dear and treasured friends..and learning and sharing through all your amusing, interesting and fascinating blogs..
Thank you for keeping me company.. now go and put the kettle on and I'll share out the cake!


Simone said...

Happy Blog Birthday!

April said...

Happy bloggy birthday!!

Can I have some cake please

April xx

LinenandRoses said...

Congratulations on reaching a year of blogging!I feel quite proud that I perhaps had a little to do with encouraging you to start, as we whiled away those slow hours at the Chipping Norton craft fair! I drove through Chippy last Saturday on the way to try on my Wedding dress and thought to myself it must be a year since the fair. Looking forward to another year of reading your lovely blog. You certainly had no reason to feel nervous about writing as your blog is one of the loveliest there is. xx

Anonymous said...

How the year has flown by indeed!! So glad you started blogging and took those first few nervous steps, congratulations on your first year...looking forward to lots more adventures in the Custard household.
kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

This Vintage Life... said...

Well done Michele on your 'first Birthday'.
Deb x

Redwoodhouse said...

Happy Blogging Birthday to you, kettles on and the cake is on the plate.

walter and me said...

Three cheers to Cowboys and Custard! Well done Michele, it's always a plesure to drop by here. Now, how are you going to divide that cake up for all of us?
D x

ginny said...

kettle is on and cake is ready.. so alice and i join you in wishing you a happy blog birthday Michele.
with love from us xx

Gina said...

Happy 100th!

Ragged Roses said...

Kettle's just boiled and pretty tea plate waiting and ready ... You have chosen a very good day to have a birthday my friend. Just think if you hadn't have pressed that button (no let's not think about that!). Some things are meant to be ... Looking forward to more antics from the Custard household and a year full of fulfilled dreams

jane and the happy crow said...

Happy Blogday! I love your blog, because of you I got started myself and Im loving doing it. Also because of you, and Jayne I will be at the V&H fair which I am really looking forward to! I feel I am already making new friends. Heres to your next year and many more to come. Lots of love Jane xxx

Hen said...

Congratulations, keeping your blog going for a year is a real achievement, especially when you've produced one as enjoyable as yours. A piece of cake... well if you insist!

Hen x

Anonymous said...

Congratultions Michele and here's to another year!!!

LiLi M. said...

Congratulations on your first blogversary. I do hope many blogversaries will follow and that I'm having such a tasty cupcake every time too.

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Congrats! Have a happy blog birthday.

Country Cottage Chic said...

Happy Birthday to Cowboys & Custard! You know I don't need much encouragement to eat cake!!


Jessi Nagy said...

happy blogday.

BusyLizzie said...

Happy Blogday! I am awash with tea.. no cake in the house.. can I celebrate with a glass of wine at 6 o' clock please? (I have been up since 4 am doing a fair in London so might be allowed!)

Niki Fretwell said...

Congratulations my bloggy buddy!
WOW, one year already and look where its taken you!
I'm sure that you would be the first to admit that you would never have imagined that you would be organising a bloggers fair, if you had been told so a year ago.....well done to you and the inspiring blog that you so beautifully write.

Flowery vintage china plate and linen napkin ready for action....and I'm always ready for more tea....thank you!

Have a lovely evening Michele - cheers to you,
Niki x

Carol said...

Happy Birthday Michele. Gosh I just cannot believe that it has been a year ! I will have to go back and check when I started - have I missed my 1st birthday ?
It has been so wonderful meeting you. You have become a very special friend. Great Blog as well.

Sue said...

Happy birthday to you , happy birthday to you etc. etc. Well done, hope my blog lasts that long.

Best wishes

Sue xx

A time to dance said...

Happy blog birthday or happy blorthday!!
The cake looks delicious but I am rather worried about health and safety -
Its lovely reading your blog and hearing your news heres to the next year!
love H

Anonymous said...

Happy Bithday to such a wonderful and inspirational blog!


Vintage to Victorian said...

Congratulations Michele! So where has that time gone then? It doesn't seem five minutes since we were all welcoming you to Blogland!! And despite several vague attempts I still haven't got in to Bath to say hello. But not to worry, the V&H Fair isn't far away!

I've just done a post relating to 1978 and as I write this comment I realise that's 30 years ago. Aaaargh!

I've had the wine (6.00pm Liz!!) and am now ready for a cuppa. Sadly no cake to go with it, but that's probably just as well.

Sue xx

Sal said...

Happy Birthday to C&C! May you have many more to celebrate ;-)

Petticoat Lane said...

Happy Blogging Birthday Michele. I love to read your blog so please keep up the great work!
I mentioned you and Mr Custard in my latest blog, hope that's OK with you.
Jane. x

Teena Vallerine said...

Oh happy blogday! I missed cake - is there a crumb left for me?! I am running te put the kettle on right now! t.x

kristina said...

Happy birthday! Now I hope you've baked a very big cake :) K x

Anonymous said...

May the year to come be just as much fun as the first Michele, I love your amusing and inspirational posts. The new look 'blogtop' is great but I feel it needs a bit of accompanying music!! May I suggest a theme tune from one of the 1950's TV cowboy programmes of which there were many. Eli

Alexa Lett said...

Kudos to your blog birthday and success!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Sending you a bouquet of flowers to congratulate you on your one year Blog Birthday!!!! I adore reading your blog and meeting you has been an absolute JOY! Keep up the beautiful work!!!


PS: HI to Mr. Pickles!!

Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy Blog Day! Is there any cake left? Here's to another year of your warmth, wisdom, and wicked wit!

Jenny Holiday & Aaron said...

Oooh Happy blogiversary!! I am so happy to have found you and your lovely world!! :)

Thanks bunches for all that you share!

Love from the Jersey Shore USA
xoxo Jenny Holiday

Funkymonkey said...

Happy Blogging Birthday! It's always a pleasure to pop over and read about what you've been up to. Here's to the next year.

Unknown said...

Happy birthday Michele,one year anniversary is amazing!!!! and look how far you've come and how many wonderful posts and friends you've made along the way

VA Boutique said...

Aaahh congratulations sweetie.
Well done a fab year.

Unknown said...

I'm a little late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Louise said...

I think I am a bit too late for a slice of the cake! Happy 1st birthday Michele. Your posts are great! x

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Michele,
Cheers to more years of your lovely blog!
Is that the cake you wouldn't ever burn because it was too pretty lol ? it looks really pretty burning.
Love Kristina XxX

Elizabeth said...

Happy blog birthday to you!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Michele,

Sorry I missed your blogging birthday... many happy returns xx