Thursday, 24 April 2008

Seven up!

I have returned to some sense of normality (what is that exactly?) and arrived at a quieter pace today.. so quiet in fact that I could easily slip into a deep slumber.. Is it the subtle shift in temperatures or those damn hormones that are making me so listless and ..well.. totally exhausted .. these days?
I could sleep for England and yet as I stagger to bed each night I find after three hours of deep and blissful sleep.. I am awake again listening to the sounds of the night.. the muffled sound of night traffic, a dog barking or the inevitable cat disagreement from the gardens below..
I am now having one of those moments.. walk into a room and stand there in a fog trying to remember why you where there in the first place...
Why am I here???
Ah.. yes.. it is all coming back to me now..
I was tagged.. seems like an age ago now but it has been patiently waiting in the wings for my attention and so I will do my best in my current state to give you some more random facts about the person responsible for the dubious music selection and vintage whimsies that is C & C ...i.e ... ME!
The Apron Queen tagged me and has probably lost all hope of me ever coming up with the goods but here we go... better late than never .. I hope.

So here are 7 random facts about yours truly..

1. I was born a 5 weeks prematurely and was called 'Shrimp' by the nurses in the hospital on account of my size..
I'd love to know what they would call me now if they could see me... Moby ?

2. I have a recurring dream.. it crops up now and again and is always disturbing..

I dream that I am in an emergency situation and have to contact my nearest and dearest and the only telephone I can find has illegible numbers so I can't dial...It really is a nightmare!

3. I have always wanted to fly in a hot air balloon..
They are a common sight in Bath on a summer's eve or very early morning.. One can hear the hiss and roar of the burners that announce their arrival...
It is traditional to drink champagne on a maiden balloon journey... Maybe that is the attraction! This one was floating past our windows yesterday evening..

4. I believe in ghosts... I lived in a happy, homely 1930's Bungalow when I was a child that had a large wraparound garden. One night I heard a woman singing in a beautiful haunting voice outside my bedroom window. It was pitch dark outside and on investigation there was no-one there. This was just one of the strange incidences that happened in that house.. My brother also witnessed a presence there..
There has to be echoes of previous lives all around us... and I sometimes feel that my parents are still here.. I glimpse my mother for a split second when I am walking through town... I find these moments very comforting!

5.I had a pudding basin haircut for most of my childhood.. Not my choice!

I longed to have long hair and when I reached the grand age of 16 I was allowed to grow my hair.. and I did..!!

I have had more or less the same haircut since then with a few alarming variations... cropped v short, Rod Steward cut..Ouch!

6. I once danced with Clive Mantle at a New Year's Eve Ball .... I managed to spill most of my glass of wine all down his tux!!
I think I lost all credibility that evening.. talk about two left feet..!
Clive Mantle for any of you who are not familiar with that name.. which is probably most of you... is the actor who played a doctor in the hospital soap 'Casualty' .. Tall... hunky and charming and a much better dancer than I.

7. I was in love with David Cassidy, David Essex and Pete Dual all at the same time.... Hussy!!!!
I would kiss their posters pinned to my bedroom wall .. every night.. until I finally wore a hole in the paper....

There .. aren't you all better off for knowing that trivia about me!!! I wonder how many bloggers are departing in their droves after reading this...


Ragged Roses said...

Michele, not only do we share the same hormones but I'm convinced we're twins separated at birth. The more I read the more convinced I am. Was also going to add something very interesting but can't remember what, must be those damned hormones!
Can't believe I've found another Pete Duel fan!!!

Ragged Roses said...

Just went into the kitchen to check on the lasagne and remembered what I wanted to say - the last thing on the computer before it died was leave a post on your previous post - hope i'm not tempting fate this time! (that wasn't very interesting at all). I'm with you on the ghost thing and why were we never allowed long hair when we were young!
I'll be joining you wide awake at 3am this morning

prettyshabby said...

I think your 'me' post was great so I'll be sticking around! I love learning about other bloggers when they've been tagged, building up a mental picture of everyone in my head. I reckon you must be around the same age as my sister as she was OBSESSED with the two Davids and she too, kissed their posters each night, then I had Donny Osmond's blindingly white teeth grinning at me from my other sisters room!
Love anything to do with spookiness..I grew up in an old dairy and there were always weird goings on there.As for the forgetfulness, I do that all the time and I havent got the excuse of hormones..I'm just away with the fairies!
hope you get some more sleep tonight anyway..insomnia must be a dreadful thing to suffer with, oh and thanks for your comment on Josies post..that was really nice..x

The Apron Queen said...

That was wonderful fun! I've always wanted to go in a hot air balloon. I believe in ghosts too, but I've never seen one. Thanks so much for playing!

For your daily dose of vintage goodness & a bit of silliness, stop by Confessions of an Apron Queen, the home of Vintage Thingies Thursdays.

Curlew Country said...

Brilliant, I loved your 7 Michele! Stephx - who remembers Clive Mantle as a rather hairy Little John in Robin of Sherwood in the 80s (my crush has been Jason Connery ans Michael Praed ever since!)

Carol said...

I enjoyed reading your 7....I was not allowed to grow my hair long either ! my sister loved to chop it all off and make it curl. In my last year at primary school I decided no more sizzors, by 16 it was very long. I chopped it off again in the early 80's and then grew it long which is how it has stayed. I could not go up in a hot air balloon...ever.
I do believe in ghosts though! I have a good ghost story to tell one day.
That is a lovely photo of you look so demure.
Are you sitting on a beach or by a Lock?
Carol xx

Louise said...

Great Janis Ian track, although why do songs from the seventies always make me cry? I really enjoyed your random facts Michele and such a pretty photo of you in your teenage years. And your brush with fame, I remember Clive Mantle, a gentle giant! My mum fancied David Essex, I think I would have too, if I hadn't been only eleven! x

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Michele

I loved learning all your tid bits! You had me laughing quite a bit, you clever woman. You are very pretty too!

I forget things all the time and wake up in the middle of the night too.....yes, it must be those hormones making mischief!

Sal said...

Blimey, that pudding basin haircut might just start a new fashion!
Yeah these hormones are a real drag aren't they?!! ;-)

ginny said...

Hi Michele,
A great start to my day reading this:)
The days of the home pudding basin haircut are well and truly over thank goodness.
The photo of you with long hair is lovely, i am sure Clive Mantle remembers your dance not just because you threw your wine over him but because of your beauty. And as for David Essex, my mum is approaching 70 and still goes to see his gigs whenever she can. I think she likes his rugged quality!
Ginny xx

Tracy x said...

i was allowed to have very long hair as a child which was also very thick and completely straight.
i then caught nits from standing way to close to a boy named Trevor -
(i am almost positive they came from him - *ahem*)
after many, many nights of torture with chemicals and a terrifying nit comb - my mum admitted defeat and chopped all my hair off.....
it is a trauma that i have never really recovered from.....
and if you are reading this Trevor (you with the dark hair and blue eyes)
thank you for the gift of nits and my first kiss.

on another note - ghosts - totally believe that the spirit of those passed are still with us.
my nan visits from time to time, i always wake up knowing when she has checked in, and i feel blessed that she came.

speak soon and have a beautiful weekend
t x

carolyn said...

Michele you can keep your hands off David Cassidy, David Essex and Pete Duel cos they are all mine and always have been. I'm also permantly tied but that might have something to do with staying up far too late everynight.Can't really blame the hormones for my scattiness because I've always been the same. As for ghosts, well put it this way I wouldn't notice if one tapped me on the shoulder but that doesn't mean I don't believe!
Have a good weekend.
Ginny er I mean Carolyn! (Little joke there)
Carolyn x

Nonnie said...

Hello, sorry it's been sooo long since I left a comment. Things have been pretty crazy this last month! I was allowed long hair when I was younger but Mum mostly refused to tie it up in the styles I longed for. A plain pony tail had to do when what I really wanted was complicated plaits. I also agree with you about ghosts. I once worked in a very old building in Chester and had a ghostly experience not long after my Grandpa had died and I was convinced it was him come back just to let me know he was ok. I really agree with you about it feeling comforting to have those experiences.

Cape Cod Washashore said...

I too was a BIG David Cassidy fan! lol That all seems so long ago now (well, it was heehee)! And that dream - so scary! I had a dream the other night that our back yard caught fire and when I called the Fire Department, I was told by the switchboard operator that the entire department was on vacation for a week, so no fires could be put out (it is school vacation here this week, so that probably accounts for the dream). lol And we do pronounce Plymouth the same way. We use the spelling "Plymouth" for the actual town; but the historic site of Plimoth Plantation uses an "i" rather than "y". I don't know y! =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Michele,
Love your facts and enjoyed reading your long hair pic ..your a stunner! just reminds me of my sisters,she would roll it all out with a hot brush until it looked just like yours.
Your hot 70's guys make me think of my sister too and Donny Osmond winking at me from the wall every time i walked past air balloons are just so fascinating to me and make me think of the song 'up up and away in my beautiful balloon' from when i was little.
Love Kristina XxX

Anonymous said...

Pete Dual, now there's a name I haven't heard of in years. I always preferred Ben Murphy myself although Pete Dual was a close second. I was never in to David Cassidy or David Essex, or Donny Osmond come to that but did fall big time for Les from the Bay City Rollers and Paul Michael Glaser from Starsky and Hutch. I have long hair as a younger child but my mother insisted it was cut waaaaay too short when I went to senior school - I never did find out what her logic was!!

April said...

Lucky You!! Clive Mantle is like a big cuddly teddy bear!!

April xx

Carol said...

Hi Michele, I am at Katies house and have tried to send to an email but for some reason it is not working! can you email me I should be able to reply to you!

The Hobbit said...

Hello...Just recently started reading your blog.Was short hair a british thing? Here in America long hair for children was the thing and when I was 16 I cut mine short.As for the where am I and what am I doing here? Only worry if you start putting post-its on your sleeves.I'll be reading ya...

Unknown said...

Oh David Cassidy, and even better David Essex, I went to see him at Sheffield city hall, cost me 75p for a ticket! Marc Bolan was my idol though, saw him at the city hall too, sat right at the front and he gave me his orange balloon - that was also the night his trousers split, that was fun...

Rosie x

Rosie said...

Thanks for sharing those interesting facts about yourself. I too have a recurring nightmare where I need to phone for help and I can't. The buttons usually stick when I press them or someitmes is the phoneline is dead. I'm on my own and somebody is trying to break into the house things like that. I have never been able to find out why it happens. It doesn't seem connected to stress.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hilarious! Well, not all of it, but the David Cassidy bit! I was in love with Donny Osmond! I had an English pen pal who was, too. We would mail each other pictures out of Teen Beat magazine. Fancy that!

Oh I believe in ghosts, too. Sounds like your mother is making sure you are ok. - We had an orb in our other home. I saw it one day when I was upstairs. It came up the stairs and whirled around the landing. My oldest son saw it, too and asked me what it was. I thought my eyes were wonky! At least he saw it and I know I am not nuts. ha.

Terrible dream you have. I'd be waking up screaming! My recurring dream is that my garden soil has been invaded by slugs - big ones - and there are so many that I cannot even get my shovel in the dirt. I just found a huge slug in my garden planter, too. Made me think of my dream.

Interesting things about you! Love that haircut!!! Here we call it a page-boy. I had one, too.