Friday, 25 April 2008

Monologue ...

Another recurring dream is to find myself on a stage having to perform in front of XXXX number of people... That would truly be a nightmare of monumental proportions for me..
Well writing a blog is a bit like that scenario... suddenly you realise that people are actually reading this and waiting for your next post with some kind of anticipation.. or am I just flattering myself ? I feel I have to keep some kind of standard.. consistency to my posts... Waffle or Poetry.. whatever you make of it..
That realisation is a bit scary, daunting... enough to render me speechless, if I think about it too much. So the trick is not to think about it and just continue this random stream of consciousness...
So more of the same..
It is Saturday and I am on my own... boo hoo... My boys have abandoned me and gone off
to do various pursuits..
Big boy has gone on a residential trip with his school to Dorset.. Last year he managed to get a tick bite on his leg that turned nasty on his return home... Luckily he avoided Lyme's disease but I kept looking out for signs of the disease.. twitching, incoherent talk... well hard to tell sometimes!
Little boy has had a better offer and gone to join his band members for a jamming weekend.. Maybe they will finish the track..'Play that Funky Music' as it was cruelly cut off in it's prime..

So with all this freedom I am about to depart for the metropolis and mingle with the Saturday morning masses. First stop is the flea market.. not that we need any!
Then I have been instructed to buy something called 'Fast Fret' for my beloved. Is that a device to accelerate stress..? I surely don't need any of that thank you.
Actually it turns out to be a cunning tool for cleaning guitar strings..
I might even indulge myself by buying some lovely veggie ingredients to make vegetarian feast for one tonight. It is tough living with cavemen sometimes.. they love their meat.

Returned from the heaving mass of shoppers and tourists alike... and am truly vexed that I forgot to take my camera.
Bath is a photographer's dream.. Architecturally unique, beautiful skyline of trees and hills and as for people watching.. we have it all here from the great unwashed to the small gaggles of tourists being herded around the various hot spots with a flag on a stick! Cafe society thrives and it is easy to sit and sip some Java whilst watching this colourful world pass by.

But as I said.. I forgot my camera so you will have to use your imagination and be content with these couple of photos taken on one of my neighbourhood rambles..

Gosh I miss my boys...

Think I'll make a cup of tea now..

Sorry about the waffle.. I just wanted a chat really..


LiLi M. said...

I'm not a performer myself, no thank you! Then why do we feel that urge to write? Perhaps we just like to tell stories to a close friend, or to a couple of friends. I never think of 'my audience' when I write, I presume I will have a writers' block immediately then.
I like your posts and I enjoy your style of writing very much. You write such a beautiful literary English. I know that many dutchmen consider themselves as excellent writers and speakers in English, I'm not part of them though. They should read one of your blog posts! I still have an awfull lot to learn, but isn't that what life is all about?
I have enjoyed your seven trivia too. David Cassidy...that's about 3 lives ago... and do you have a picture of yourself with a Rod Steward haircut too? :-)

VA Boutique said...

Eeek, I tend to ramble on a bit too, I'm afraid today is one of those posts for me over on my blog!
To be honest I don't think I really think of people reading my posts I just tend to post whatever I like and if people read and reply then I am always astonished and so appreciative too!
Hope you had a good day.
love Alison x

Ragged Roses said...

Hello Michele. I always find it easier to write my posts if i do it quickly almost with my eyes shut, to stop me becoming too self conscious and worried about what people might say/think. I hope you're having a wonderful day and that Mr Pickle is keeping you company. Bath looks and sounds wonderful . What culinary delights have you whipped up for yourself tonight then? Enjoy!

Ragged Roses said...

Sorry I had one of those walking into the other room moments and remembered what I wanted to say - your posts are always so beautifully written Michele and warm and friendly. Glad I popped for another reason too, a few seconds of John Martyn, thank you!

Louise said...

I hope you have had a good day Michele. I have been on my own too and will be until tomorrow lunchtime. Being by myself I have managed to get a lot done in the garden, jobs which were long overdue. It has been lovely weather and perfect for your mooch around Bath. I have just cooked a meal for one, I hope you enjoy your veggie fare. x

A Saucerful Of Secrets said...

Hi there M, They'll be back soon, enjoy the peace and quiet while you can!I enjoyed your seven facts about yourself and came to the conclusion that you must be my sister, she had a pudding basin haircut and was also madly in love with david cassidy and essex, i remember the posters on our bedroom wall.Mel liked jones and I liked smith, I remember vividly when he died, oooh! memories.Sleep well lovely, Annie x

Woman in a Window said...

Funny - the "pressure" of performing. I think it's easier to be faceless, though. I learned when going through University and having to present the intelligence of turtlenecks...covers the mottled redness. And believe it or not, I thought of you and your sidebar today when i hit a jackpot of a yardsale with beautiful water stained old photos and vintage clothespins that held up years and years of someone else's loved shirts...

Gill said...

You live in such a beautiful City,I could show you pics of Hemel Hempstead but they don't have quite the same wow factor! Make the most of time on your own, I wouldn't mind my lot going off for a few days, I haven't ever been on my own since I met my husband 24 years ago!!! When he's been away the kids were there or vice versa.
I don't think too much about how many might read my posts, I'm just glad even one person takes the time and is interested in my little life. Your posts are always interesting and inspiring but don't feel you have to entertain us, it's just fun reading about what other people get up to (I guess we're all a bit nosy)
Likes your seven things BTW, I can relate to most of them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michele,
Its scary isn't it wondering what to type and if any one would be remotely interested in it too... at times i find it very easy to type like it is almost to friends or family and other times very daunting like my last post which was' hi this is my dresser thing bye' lol
I love your blog and your style of writing is just lovely to read through with a nice cup of tea so thank you from me x
Its so hard when loved ones are away..i hope you have a nice weekend and get to relax a bit you have been very busy lately and deserve it.
Love Kristina XxX

Chelle said...

It is always so lonely when your people go away, but it sure is heaven when they come back home. Hopefully you won't be on your own for too long.

As for people waiting for your new posts, I sure do. The last couple weeks have been kind of blogless for me as I've been trying to get all moved in, but once I'm settled again, I'll be back to blog watching.

I hope your vegetarian dinner turned out splendid.


Carol said...

Hi Michele,
It is nice to have a little chat via the blog, I agree with everything that Kim has already said.
Nothing wrong with rambling!
Did you see Jane Austen last night?
Each time you us some photos of Bath I want to book somewhere so that I can spend another weekend in this beautiful city.
Reading this comment back..I note that I have changed the subject mid-flow again!!!
Good girl eating your veggies, I have been very bad, having to grab whatever is available and quick!
But today I 'start' again. How many times do you think I am going to say this...hehe.
Carol xx
These work verification things are getting harder!

Anonymous said...

I live with a carnivore too and always cook up a veggie delight when he's away! Loving your pictures today :)

bj said...

The lovely thing about blogging...ok, ONE of the lovely things about blogging is the fact that no one expects anything from anybody. I just LOVE that! We can all "do our thing" and it seems every one of the others just opens their arms, listens to you, gives you a pat on the back and says "Well Done!"'s such a magical world, this blogging community.....
Your boys will be back soon!!
Thank you for coming by to see me...I've missed you!
hugs, bj

Anonymous said...

I love your photo of Somerset Place, it brings back wonderful memories of a year I spent living in a beautiful house just behind Somerset Place.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

You know, it has been a bit since I have visited and I am slowly making my way down through your delicious story after the next. I was just thinking to myself that you have a special way of writing your thoughts and expressing yourself. Now that I know your voice, I can clearly hear you saying these words. Now I just read this entry and have to admit that I am one who looks forward to your next post. As I have said before, you use phrases that are not typical of us Yanks, so I find amusement in the stories and adjectives. So please keep us eager readers in mind and know that we love your blog and love hearing all about you and your darling family. Keep on keeping on and play that funky music, white boy!

love to you and yours,