Friday, 12 July 2013

Hot off the press ....

 HOT being the word!! Tomorrow the mercury will rise to a sizzling 84 degrees F.
Mad dogs, Englishmen and avid vintage jumble sale devotees, will be making their way to Rangeworthy Village Hall in South Gloucestershire, for another bundle of vintage bargains at      The Vintage & Handmade Vintage Jumble Sale.
Doors will open at 10.00 a.m until 1.00 p.m.. and the W.I will be there in their pretty pinnies to serve cool, reviving drinks to all of the hot shoppers!
So saddle up your pony and trot on down to the best little vintage jumble sale in town... (and village)!!


Anonymous said...

Same as here....too hot to take right now so hiding in the shade :) Loving the blog :)

thriftwood said...

Ooh wish I could, it sounds fabulous!

Have fun in the Sun

Love Claire xx

Happy Harris said...

I gonna have to move down there one day...that's where my family originated a good excuse + there is so much to do and see - looks fantastic x