Saturday, 16 February 2013

The Vintage & Handmade Texile Fair

Now hear this ... now hear this...
On Saturday 23rd February 2013 at 10..00 a.m sharp.. the doors of Chipping Sodbury town hall will open once again to The Vintage & Handmade Textile Fair for another jolly jamboree of fine vintage and handcrafted wares. Tables will be piled high with a colourful and mind boggling collection of vintage Hungarian linens from Beyond France, pretty and practical haberdashery from Donna Flower, funky silver jewellery from Hazel Sutton, beautiful hand-bound books from Mud Rabbit, finest antique textiles from The Washerwoman, Sallie Eade and Geraldine Shepherd and many many more wonderful stalls. There will be oodles of quality vintage merchandise all comfortably housed in this attractive venue. Do come along if you can and join the happy throng.. and take the weight off your feet and purse with lashings of tea and yummy cakes all provided by the wonderful W.I ladies.  Doors close at 3.00 p.m Be there... or be forever wishing you had!


Ashley cramp said...

Oh ifonly i lived nearer, I would be camping out overnight to be the first in the cue...enjoy!
Daisy J

Lyn said...

It does sound like my sort of thing but just a tad too far for me,have fun! Xxx

primrosesattic said...

It's sounds great. I don't have any fairs close by me. I would spend loads and have to sneak my treasures in before my husband saw them Ha! Ha!

Karen said...

Well one year I will make it I hope - its a little too far for a day trip. Hope it goes well. Karen x

Frances said...

I know the Fair will be a huge success!

Do you have any idea if you'll be having a Fair this autumn, or closer to Christmas? I might be in the UK later this year and would love to be able to have my trip coincide with one of your events.


Niki Fretwell said...

Hi Michele - Please don't publish my previous comment - I was struggling with the moderation code and it got muddled up with the comment box! eyes are nothing like they used to be.

Looking forward to tomorrow - Just hope my alarm goes off in the morning this time...I am rubbish at early starts! ;-))
See you there,
Niki xx