Thursday, 25 October 2007

So near and yet...

Today's jaunt into deepest darkest Wiltshire was full of surprises! Happily ensconced in the passenger seat admiring the open landscape disappearing into the gloom of a murky day..and anticipating the rich steamy coffee and sticky bun that was the carrot leading me to Marlborough, I was suddenly woken from my sweet reverie by the sudden halt of the car in a layby..Not exactly picnic weather I thought to myself.. but no.. no such hedonistic pursuits for me.. I was shown to the boot whereupon I was told to don walking boots and instructed in jolly spiffing 'Famous Five' tones that we were to climb "Long Barrow' hill to see an ancient burial chamber. Much as I stamped my foot and complained thus that I was cold and feeling just a little bit feeble it was to no avail.. I was marched in ' you have no choice' manner up the hill to a distant stone monolith... Oh what joy! My carefully planned day of licking windows and drinking coffee in Polly Tea Rooms was cut short by the numbing cold and the frogmarch to an unknown destination..
Well... 5,500 years old and mighty impressive was the burial chamber and I managed to smile for a photo even despite the blowing gale and sub zero temperatures.. I galloped contentedly down the hill to the waiting steed and we continued our journey towards mecca.. Polly Tea Rooms..
On arriving in Marlborough.. pretty bustling market town.. I was told the parking meter didn't work and we had limited time to do the necessaries in town.. buy stamps, noodles for supper and drink the much desired cup of coffee...
Polly Tea Rooms was hot and fuggy with cold noses defrosting and the tip of my nose just managed to thaw lightly whilst waiting in a queue for an available table... alas time ticked by and time ran out... so did my dream cup of coffee and sticky bun.. back to the car and home again James.. don't spare the horses!


Katherines Dream said...

Hi M.
I am back after a marathon painting trip....will I ever go there just to relax...probably not.
I painted and painted from 8am to 7pm. But the end result is lovely. I have been asked to do an interview in one of the House mags with images ! I think I am far too shy.
You have been very busy then. I have the same problem... a day out to a lovely village, always invloves a walk up a hill or something similar, I do 'feel' healthier after though !
Lovely posts.

Holly Woods said...

Dear Michele,
I am in recent possession of a Vintage,
Chas. A. Stevens&co. Chicago
Coat. 3/4 length
Pristine condition.
Might be lovely for you if you and your man are going to continue on these'junkets'
Please advise if you would like a photo and I shall do my best! Hollyx
p.s. super fabulous post:)

Nonnie said...

Oh poor you to not get your longed for coffee and sticky bun. I don't mind a walk up a hill to see something interesting, but I would definitely need a reward of coffee and cake at the end. I think he should take you for another day out with only shopping and tea shops on the agenda.

A Saucerful Of Secrets said...

Ah No! Michele, you didn't get your treat.New you should have gone to Brecon, but there again, the size of the mountains if your man fancied a detour you probably would have missed your bedtime. Best Wishes from Annie x

Cowboys & Custard said...

Hello Annie and all who offered their sympathies re: lack of stick bun etc.
Sorry that I didn't get to the Brecons..
It was such a murky day and we didn't think we'd get the best of the views..
Another day.. another sticky bun.. I hope!
Love Mx

Anonymous said...

What lovely excursions. Yes, Milo is a dog lover, especially black and white spotty dogs. Our last visitor was a black and white spotty dog named, Spotty. Hope you have a lovely day. Oh, very pretty bathroom. And Mr. Pigs ~ what a name. How did that originate?

Holly Woods said...

good morning,
I would like to inquire as to the true, original author of this post.
I do beleive I might possibly be able to make some kind of an award
available for
much love and so on and so forth.


Hi Michele, Marlborough is a lovely town, we visited last year and had a great pub meal in the Wellington Arms. We also spent an hour or two on top of the Marlborough Downs with our kite, and couldn't get over the panoramic views of Wiltshire, lovely.