Tuesday, 23 October 2007

J is for Jelly...

I just had to tell you about this adorable book that I found today when visiting the Black Swan Arts in Frome..

I am almost ashamed to admit that I can't sew.. when there are oodles of you out there with endless talents and inspiration with needle and thread... my dear mother was an excellent haberdasher.. she could make clothes, toys, quilts .. the list goes on..and being from Belgium she had some fine fabrics that she brought over to England after the war to make her clothes .. a lady with style and panache. I .. alas.. did not inherit these qualities.
I am however very willing to learn and having just bought a beauty of an old sewing machine.. Singer Model No: 99 ..from a charity shop this weekend, I have no excuse now.. this book of witty and darling little characters will inspire my first efforts... watch this space and be prepared to laugh..

I shall leave you with these flowers picked from the garden.. the dying embers of summer.. jewels in the frost!

Oh .. and my J is for Jelly... another Cowboys & Custard production..

Bon nuit !


A Saucerful Of Secrets said...

Hi there,I know what you mean about having a view you can drift away in. I grew up with views of the welsh mountains and didn't realise what a big part of my life depended on this fact until I went to college and was without my trustee touchstone, I did this for ten years!!Needless to say, when buying our next home the priority was a view and wide open space. I got my wish, we too have a three storey and lovely views. Arn't we lucky :) xxx

Holly Woods said...

c&c, beautiful post!
How do you do it?
Another Oscar? me thinks:0
Someone once told me that the flowers before the frost really put out a wonderful effort!

vintage twist said...

J is for jelly and C is for cute which is just what this adorable "box" is.