Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Roll of honour... award presentation

Good morning everyone..
I was up at the absurdly early time of 4.30 a.m as my man had not altered the alarm clock to British Winter time and we were rudely awoken at this silly hour.. 5.30 a.m is bad enough even the birds were still snoring!
I have been meaning to award some sparkly medals to the people and their blogs that keep me entertained and comforted and amused.. especially as I was given such a lovely award from Carol at Katherine's Dream...
So please step forward to receive your glittery award...
Louise at The Home is Where the Heart is... for the shared nostalgia of our youth
Catherine at Little Red Shoes.. for the most visual treats and witty report!
Annie at Saucerful of Secrets... a warm and cosy blog from a friendly neighbour
Nicky at The Vintage Magpie for her irresistible bunnies and talent...
Fiona at Nonnie and Niki at Nostalgia at the Stonehouse for encouraging me to start a blog in the first place.. Thank you!

✄ Just copy and paste this text below to collect your award..

There are many more of you who have kept me company and to you I send my gratitude and love...

Wear it with pride!
Love Michelex


Nonnie said...

I'm honoured! This is the first blogging award I've received. I'm so pleased to have encouraged you to start blogging. I knew you would enjoy it and would really get hooked on it once you started. Your blog is really lovely and is now one of the first I visit everyday. Thank you so much for the award.


Thanks Michele, this is the third award I have received, since I started blogging I have never won so much! I am going to have a read through your new postings tomorrow, I have got mother-in-law coming over for tea this evening so I have a lot to do in preparation, you know how it is? Better get my award pasted in, bye for now, Louise x

thevintagemagpie said...

I'm so thrilled! Its the first award I have won too... Thanks Michele x

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Michele,
Thank you for the honour! You are too kind - but I am so pleased that you now have a blog and that you seem to be enjoying it!

Have to add that I am a BIG fan of Cox & Cox too, having just received their new catalogue last week....I may have to order some of their decoupage stickers, the miniature bauble placename card holders and.....I could go on....

Thanks again, Niki

catherine said...

thanks Michelle!
I will try and post that sweet little sparkly thing on my blog, very exciting!
thanks again.
I also went onto my website and tried plugging in an order, and it seems to be working fine,
when you add items to your cart, you have to click the button to add, then click add again, and it should work.
let me know if you have anymore issues, sorry for the trouble, and again, many thanks for the award!