Monday, 22 October 2007

Boudoir blog! (Could this be a new rap??)

Hello loyal bloggers
Well yesterday as you know I had a little bit of a wobble... induced by a profoundly moving blog I read..
I nearly lost the plot for a moment but I am back on track and I hope you haven't been scared off.. just yet!
I have had a wonderful weekend.. several hours of grubbing around in the garden planting endless bulbs of miniature narcissii and alliums, parrot tulips and snowdrops.. not wishing to fast forward my life.. I can't wait for spring and all that it brings in the garden..I felt very virtuous after my garden work-out so I then ate rather a large chunk of chocolate.. well I hated to be a party pooper and not celebrate the fact that it was Chocolate Week.. that would be churlish now wouldn't it!?
I have also enjoyed the kind and warm comments that I have received from my visitors.. Thank you!
My boudoir is my sanctuary, painted in a pale pale blue that offers a sea of serenity... Sophie at Honeysuckle's .. asked for 'Must Haves'.. well the mirror on the wall is my 'Must Have'.. it was made in France 1800's and is another one of my favourite treasures.

Whilst the rest of the house is a cacophany of clutter .. my boudoir is an oasis of minimalism.
Hot air balloons, swans, herons, swallows are just a few of the magnificent flying machines that pass by the boudoir window.. it is a three storey house with panoramic views and much too see! Wish you were here .... seeing is believing!



Katherines Dream said...

I can see the image on this post but they have gone on the previous post...
I messed up my last post by not allowing comments...Sophie put me right!
Well, I love what I can see and would love to see a bit more...go on... do not tease!
Love your bed and its cover...and the walls look the same or similar to my bedroom walls it is such a calming colour...I need calm.
Well I am going to continue with packing...have a great week.
x x x{"_"}
ps only one must...are you sure?

Holly Woods said...


Nonnie said...

I can see the pictures today! And I can now see the previous post as well. Wow, your boudoir looks gorgeous, particularly that view! You weren't exagerating when you said you looked down over the whole of Bath. I think if that was my room I would want to lie around in bed all day watching the view.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, so many things on which to comment. Such a pretty bedroom. Sweet little kitty and great smiling pic of him. The views are gorgeous as well as the glass in which the flowers are. The puppet book is too cute. Hope you have a lovely day.