Monday, 15 October 2007

My family and other friends

Here are a few of my new friends.. they don't say much but that's o.k as I am losing the art of the spoken word as each day passes.. and even writing this is tricky enough.. where do those elusive words hide when you need them most?
I spend large amounts of time talking to my cat.. he is quite responsive but I sometimes suspect we are not on the same wavelength.. His chat is all about 'where is the next meal coming from.. and is it to my liking' .
I have grown quite fond of my 'frozen friends 'and find it hard to say goodbye to them as they are sent off to unknown pastures.
I shall miss 'Curly' as he is my hero ... some cowboys never die!


Holly Woods said...

Hi Michele,
Darling figures!!
I used to live in the South Western part of the US!
When I get my blog started, I do hope you will visit.

Holly Woods said...

Hi everyone.
wha's up?