Sunday, 21 October 2007

Flotsam and Jetsam

Woke up at dawn to see a swan flying past my line of vision.. I can't even begin to describe the view from the boudoir without doing it justice.. it is many superlatives rolled into one! Stunning ... will do for now.
We live on the northern edge of the city of Bath and the house teeters on the edge of the hill overlooking the whole bowl of Bath.. Bath Abbey, and spires litter the scene and the most beautiful part is the wrap around trees skyline.
I am so so fortunate to live here.. I love my home, I love my life (now) and I love my boys.. the man the boy and the tabby!
I am feeling a little more than emotional today so please forgive my hormonally induced words.
This whole concept of reaching out to people can be overwhelming.. on the one hand I can tell you about my pretty, pretty home and passions of all things vintage..and then you can scratch the surface and see who I am.. if I let you.. life is not all about the chintz curtains and the bowl of roses..(or is it cherries?) I feel as though a dam could burst with all that I have to say to those that care to listen.. but is that what this is about.. or do I just want to show you the paintwork?
Gosh this is a bit heavy for 9.a.m Sunday morning.. have I scared you off those loyal passers-by?? Please don't go..
I shall rapidly change the subject and show you before and after photos of The Kitchen for those of you who made admiring comments about it. It wasn't always such "Gorgeous" kitchen the photos will tell.

P.s Niki at Nostalgia at the Stonehouse, Carol from Katherine's Dream and Holly from Holly Woods have all qualified for the Greeting Cards.. I have decided to award three of you as no-one else came forth to offer suggestions about the mystery ingredients..It is in fact my Chinese Herbal tea that I am having to drink for medicinal purposes! It is made from Chinese Angelica, Bitter Orange, Saffron, Liqourice. A nice glass of chilled Lanson would be much more preferable.. the taste of the tea is enough to make a an orange pout!


Holly Woods said...

Good Morning Mr. Toad;
First off, THANK YOU for the prize!!
I love your artwork! Adorable!
2. Another mystery to unravel. What does Flotsam and Jetsam mean?
3. How did you get your tea to look like a collage? I thought I saw a bride in there to the right, and some other things!
4.Reader has been to Bath, many years ago, and simply adored every minute.
5. I have never seen a swan fly!!
6. For this post I am awarding you the first ever:
because it was like a message in a bottle. Perfect. You said neither too much or too little. Just right. Full Stop.
7. Please greet Pickles for me.
8. How to reach you...I do not see an email icon.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is very sweet. Your cottage kitchen seems adorable. So lovely to visit this morning. Will be back for sure. :)

Country Cottage Chic said...

I've just come across your blog & it's been a very enjoyable read. Your little pictures are adorable! Which fair are you going to?

Anonymous said...

A swan fly past your boudoir ~ how sublime and surreal...and to think yesterday I was thinking as I sat on my patio how the pigeons on the roof top looked so sweet reminded me of Germany. It does not take much for me to be amazed. :) For some reason your pics did not show..maybe later.Have a wonderful day.

Katherines Dream said...

Hi Michele, I am trying to picture where you are in Bath as we stayed there not too long ago, we were opposite the park in a very gothic style house.
Just a quick note while hub is not looking, as I am supposed to be packing, cooking and ironing ! before we go away...I hope that you have great week.
I will have a very big post when I get home !
X x X

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Hey I like you! Can't see your photos though...I'm saving you to favorites if you promise not to cry on me...

Nonnie said...

For some reason I can't see these pictures but I've just been catching up on your previous posts and the earlier pic of your kitchen looks just gorgeous. Thanks for your email. I've been ill and computerless for the last week as my home one is not working. I will send you a reply at some point this week. Really glad to see lots of posts from you and that you've already got lots of readers. Knew you would! I can tell you I would love to wake up to a swan flying past my window. After all my recent sickness I am working even harder than ever on my plans to escape London for the country.

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Northern Slopes, from a former Southern Slopes. Your views are fabulous. Ours were great, too - down into the bowl of Bath and up to Beckford Tower. I was trying to work out where you were from your boudoir views, but couldn't quite, so I'm glad you've mentioned it here (I suspect you'll realise I'm working backwards!).

Maybe I'll meet you, too, when I come to say hi to Nonnie on 1 December?