Saturday, 20 October 2007

A little bit dotty!

I have been masochistically meandering through some of the truly inspiring musings 'out there' and there are so many 1st Division players that I look up to.. I haven't even got my boots on yet!! I shall not be deterred though.. ever the perfectionist.. a Virgoan trait I am afraid!
I have been going a bit dotty this week trying to juggle home, garden and work.. not complaining though.. this is me.. all or nothing! My man calls me Mr Toad as I have bursts of passion to the exclusion of everything else.. be it Maine Coon cats, Felt making, my latest collection of vintage snowbabies ... and polka dots are just another of these.

Another of my passions as you are aware by now.. is my love of childhood nostalgia..
I love to visit Clifton Village in Bristol which is a mini version of Bath but with a bit more 'bite' if you know what I mean?!
I espied this charming little tin in a kitchen shop display window.. and it was love at first sight.. I did a bit of detective work and tracked down the owner and seller who happily sold it to me from the display as it was on loan to the kitchen shop.
I am so please with it and the intention was to save a 'small' ransom for my Christmas fund but alas our coins of the realm do not fit the slots.. it was designed for sixpences .. my old pocket money.. how nostalgic.


Vintage to Victorian said...

Sixpences as pocket money. I remember one year I had a rise and got 7d - one penny for every day of the week. Such a long time ago, but it seems like only yesterday!

Have just found your blog and am delighted to find another 'local'. I'm a bit further into Somerset now, but lived in Bath for 10 years.

Shall visit often!


Mary said...

Hi there, found you from Sophie Honeysuckle. I love your little tin -- such wonderful graphics. It's so nice that it reminds you of your childhood, too.

Mary said...
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Holly Woods said...

well, Mr. Toad;
I too love it.
Sounds like you might have done some sluth detective work to acquire it? Well Done!
How did it hold money? Rather a mystery!!

Katherines Dream said...

Michele I too love a bit of childhood nostalgia, I have just empitied a box from the loft with all my childhood books in...well...most favorite ones!
I have bought an old dolls cot to re-paint and kit out in the hope of getting a grandaughter in April. All my old teddies are in the boys room amd still loved to bits. xx