Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Room with a view..

Bonjour tout le monde
well Nonnie.. I must say it is very tempting to lie around all day and look at the view..I spend a large amount of time looking out of our windows.. I am sure the neighbours think I am a 'curtain twitcher'! I am constantly gawping at A) the view B) the garden to see how it is growing.. IF.. it is growing and thinking what I should have planted where..
We..(my man and I) talk often about where we will end out days when we are out to pasture.. I would find it very difficult to give up this view that we have and live somewhere where we only see the next door neighbours fence.. We have been spoilt!
There are some views in this world that are unforgettable and I carry them around to look upon when I seek some mental yoga..
the hills of Tuscany is just one of my favourites.. this was the view from out Tuscan villa rental last year.. Just sublime...morning mist slowly clearing to show .. castles in the air!

The view from our living room this summer ...

Where do you go to (my lovely... and other songs from that era) when you want some mental escape??
Pray tell me .. where do you find yourself visiting in your dreams.. both awake and asleep ??


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I meandered over to your blog from .....ummm...can't remember now but I have to tell you how delightful your blog is. I enjoyed reading it so much! ~ Miles of Smiles ~ Lynn

Holly Woods said...

I find this post very charming. I will comment later as to particular location, as I promised a dear friend that I must make my rounds today.

Ben said...

That's not dissimilar to the view from my bedroom window for the first twenty-six years of my life. Only left a bit, and lower down.

I'm guessing somewhere in lower Camden?

Cowboys & Custard said...

Thank you Lynn~Vintage nest & Holly Woods & Ben for your comments..
Spot on Ben!

Ben said...

Well I ought to know. That tends to be my walking route into town when I'm at my parents if I want to avoid the carbon monoxide.

I'll be keeping my eyes open in the shops around Milsom St / George St for your handiwork.