Wednesday, 24 October 2007

A day out...

Good Morning .. the other day Sophie Honeysuckles.. asked for our 'Must Haves' and I would like to share with you one of mine..Once upon a time I collected Children's Books for the illustrations.. I had a wonderful collection of Rackham, Dulac, Greenaway etc .. there is a wonderful little antiquarian bookshop in Bath that I often peruse and on my visit there one day I spotted this fine pencil drawing of a cherub... I was totally smitten and after some negotiations with the shopkeeper.. I did an exchange of Kate Greenaway for the Cherub.. a good exchange methinks!

Today I am being let out for good behaviour.. I earned several Brownie points yesterday for completing an ironing & washing marathon and part of the kitchen now resembles a Chinese Laundry..I discovered something wonderful whilst unpacking some boxes that were left- overs from our house move 18 months ago (18 MONTHS AGO!!!!!) still haven't discovered the tea strainer or the diamond studded tiara (ha ha ) No sorry... I digress... I found two unopened packets of vintage linen sheets that were originally from my great uncles hardware shop circa 1950 - 60's. These sheets are pure luxury.. crisp virgin white sheets.. fine linen ...smelling faintly of mothballs.. hence the laundry ! One of my favourite sensations is climbing into bed and feeling the sheer unadulterated pleasure of sliding between cool linen sheets.... it would have to be my dessert island luxury item...not much good in a hammock though!
So back to today...and reality.. heading for some hills ... will point the motor in an easterly direction and see where we end up..maybe.. Marlborough.. Polly Tea Rooms.. oh yummy...!
Mr Pig aka Pickles has been given clear instructions how to use a tin opener.. he however has other ideas... fresh prawns in the fridge.. just need to find the crowbar!

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Nonnie said...

Love the little cherub. Definitely a very good swap. Hope you have a lovely day out today. Love that area east of Bath. Any day out that involves stopping at tea rooms sounds like the perfect day out to me.