Thursday, 13 March 2008

Meme and merci..

I was tagged last week by this dear lass
Apologies for the wait in getting around to this Meme Tracy.. and a million thankyou's for your wondrous gifts..!
I really did enjoy this one as it combines many elements that are close to my heart... film, food and travel.
Most of the latter I do from my armchair these days but a girl can dream can't she..!?

It was very difficult to narrow the choices down to four in each category but here goes..

Meme 13.03.08

Four Movies I'd would watch over and over…

The Railway Children…
Far from the Madding Crowd..
Jean de Florette and Manon des Sources

Can’t I have one more please…? Make that 10 !

Four Places I have lived…

Crowthorne Berkshire
Henley Oxon
Bath Somerset
Cornwall…part time.

Four shows I watch..

This is difficult as I have to prise the remote control from my boys to see MY programmes..

Gardener's World … love Monty.
Masterchef.. alas no more.
Escape to the Country.. in my dreams.
The Antiques Road Show.. for many many years

Four places I have been…

Ithaca.. idyllic Greek Island.
New York New York.. so good they named it twice!
St Tropez… when I was a wee lass.. very hip!
Dartmoor Devon. still my favourite haunt.

Four people who email me…

My bro in France.
Good blogging friends who shall remain anonymous!
My cat.. only joking.. he would if he could!
My agent with work… now and again!

Four things I love to eat… now this one is v difficult as I live to eat!

Nuts… roasted, salted, chopped, toasted.. you name it!
Pad Thai Noodles.. oh heaven!
Chocolate .. when it isn’t Lent.. Hurry up Easter!
Sushi..without chopsticks

Four places I’d rather be…

In Devon.. getting blown around on the moor
Wisley RHS gardens… have wanted to return since I was a child
Tuscany.. on that hill top I found last summer
In bed…. Snoozing and dreaming.

Four things to look forward to this year…

A regular income!
Easter hols with my boys and chocolate!
Taking part in the Brighton Open House events in November
A week in Devon …. Bliss!

Now I know I am meant to tag four people and I always feel a little uneasy foisting a tag upon my poor unsuspecting victims so I will leave this one open to anyone who would like to take part..feel free to share your passions with the rest of us.. please!

P.s You might be wondering what relevance the photograph has to this post.. well this was the hill in Tuscany that I fell in love with last summer...


Ragged Roses said...

Snap!!!! Did you have a "Railway children" dress when you were little? I had a purple floral dress with white smock over it, I loved it!

asti said...

Hey, I used to live in Marlow ! Maybe I've told you that already ??
We must meet up for a coffee when you come to Devon :)
asti x

Katherines Dream said...

Gosh not only were we born a couple of days apart in the same year.....but we share the same loves! is it in the Stars?

Lily and Agathe said...

I love love love Far from the Madding Crowd, Jean de Florette and Manon des Sources ...S Troy, be still my beating heart....

Lily and Agathe said...

Yes, you guessed right... can't wait...

Rubyred said...

Hi Michele,I'm with you on Bladerunner,and the nuts,just love em! But not the Suchi,yeuch!!Hope you do get a regular income this this year!I've got New York on my list(in my head)
Rachel X


A great meme Michele. I must confess to having a penchant for Monty too, although I wish he would ditch that old pair of navy trousers that he insists on always wearing! x

Rosie said...

oh thats a fabulous hill.. wish I was there.


Anonymous said...

I've been tagged for this one too, actually it wasn't to ardous but I have to say picking only 4 films was tricky!

Joanna said...

I hate missing gardners world and was sad last friday crufts replaced it. I remeber going to wisley when I was a child I must go back its only up the road.

thevintagemagpie said...

Hey when are you coming to Devon? Come by our way, and lets have some coffee and conversation! x

the flour loft said...

Oh Michele,
The Railway Children... gets me every time... 'my daddy, my daddy'. My girls find it so funny that i am in floods of tears.

I find Wisley so inspiring.... my friend has a job in the plant centre.. fabulous to be around all those plants and that gardening knowledge. It was very windy and drizzly last weekend there, but the talks on fruits and veg growing were packed and i learn't loads. If you ever do come up let me know as it's not far and it would be fun to meet up.

ChelleBez said...

What a fun tag. I might take you up on it once I get a little more settled and my cold clears out. Its always fun to get to know a little more about the people who have become so special to me over the past few months. It helps add character to the picture I have in my head.


BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Jean de Floret! YES!!!! =)

And I hear your Tears for Fears music playing! I could live solely on 80's music... you should see my collection! lol I guess it brings back fond schoolday memories.

Sea Angels said...

Hi Michele, wow what a lovely peep into your life....I loved it so much
Hugs Lynn xx